Get Better look with 2017 Honda Accord


Considering their Accord has not too much devotees in United States market, Honda is preparing the Honda Accord in 2017 model. This vehicle, which revealed at car show in Beijing, expected able to attract more United States buyer and break Chinese market in United States. Honda must have many changes in appearance of the Accord to get more fans in United States market. The new generation of the car should bring a new look to make significant impact among buyers. There will be some changes in this new car. The 2017 Honda Accord will be new. This vehicle will be similar to new TLX with some attractive additions.

Engine and performance

To its engine, this new car get 2.4-I 4-cylinder engine with direct injection beneath its hood. According to expert prediction this engine will produce around 190horsepower. The base units will be equipped to 8-speed DCT gearbox. There is an issue that this Japanese carmaker will equip V6 unit for this car. But, this rumor is not confirmed, neither denied yet. We can see the more information about 2017 Honda Accord later. This car is still in developing stage, we could see premiere of it in 2017. Keep your patient in waiting until this new car release in 2017. Beside it, you can see another cars that will be the competitors of this Honda Accord as it is known always for the name of best performance in mid sedan size.


A definitely comfort can be guaranteed in this car if you see some important parts in the cabin in all time version of Accord. In talking about interior, you will also get more entertainment features on the dashboard and the sound features come with bigger db. If you want to get more power in your car, this Honda Accord will be the best option especially for those that love to have mid-class cars with standard features on the interior as same as with high-end features class.


Exterior and safety

Looking back to the car version before 2017, Accord had good market in Asia especially in those who have loved Honda before. For the clubs who have already had club for Accord will definitely wait the car release. For some clubs, it is important to have discussed new car release. The safety is also incredible, with a middle-class name, this Honda Accord never forgets to ensure the safety and security check for their car.