The gorgeous of Bmw X1 2017 Specs


There is a lot of transportation in the world. There are plane, ship, train, bus, motorcycle, bicycle, pedicab, car and etc. There are many choices for you to choose the transportation. But, the transportation media is divided become two kinds. There are public transportation and personal transportation. Public transportation is media which can accompany you to various areas based on the route of the transportation and you must pay if you go by this public transportation. Public transportation is not your mine so you must pay it if you need it. Whereas, personal transportation is your mine and you can go by your personal transportation everywhere that you want. Personal transportations are bicycle, motorcycle and car. A lot of personal transportation is comfort. But the most comfort of personal transportation is car. When you drive car that you do not feel hot because there is cover and it is equipped with Air Conditioner. There are various cars. You should choose car that you want and based your taste. In the modern era, there are a lot brand choices about car. But, the popular car is Bmw X1 2017.

Bmw X1 2017 becomes the hotness in this modern era. This car is categorized sport car. The new BMW is known as luxury car and has wonderful interior and exterior. It has the best impression that the other car. Besides the engine of this new BMW car is powerful and efficient. Actually, the most of people usually focus on the appearance in this car. Bmw X1 2017 can be called the best because has best quality engine and best interior and exterior.


Bmw X1 2017 has a lot of feature in the interior.  It is equipped with cabin, dashboard, steering wheel, seats and etc. The design of cabin is full especially in entertainment. When you drive which you can be enjoy with the passengers by fun. Besides, the interior is supported by large multimedia screening the dashboard.  The wheels of new Bmw are steering and steering wheels can be categorized three spoke especially in feature. The system is auto-braking and also equipped with airbags. The function is for emergencies the seats are made of best quality material and known as comfort seat.



The exterior of this new car has various colors. You can choose the color of the car based on your taste. There are Apline white, Metallic, jet black, white which the kind is mineral, silver which is glacier, sparkling brown, chestnut bronze and etc. The exterior is known styling. It is motivated by roof rail. The function to make the car becomes expensive and elegant in appearance.


The engine of new BMW turbocharged 1.5-liter especially in three-cylinder engine. This new BMW is more power because it is supported by 190-horsepower and can load 2.0-liter turbo four. The function is to join the lineup especially a little later in the production of run.

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