The Great BMW X6M 2017 Specifications


Apparently figures PS 555 will never be enough for BMW to develop a sports variant of the line luxury large SUVs them. This time BMW provides the engine with a power of 575 PS at BMW X5M and BMW X6M 2017which is a variant of BMW SUV with the greatest power in the history of BMW X series.

Engine and Performance

That’s just the engine power, the greatest increase, however, lies in the maximum torque of the BMW X6M 2017and BMW X5M increased from 680 Nm to 750 Nm, wow! Not only the machines are getting an update, for the duo of BMW X series is also getting a new, faster transmission with eight-speed automatic transmission M dual clutch previously still uses a 6-speed transmission. BMW also presents the four-wheel drive system x-Drive based rear-wheel drive. The combination of more power and new transmission makes the car has a performance that is no less strong than the supercar coupe, BMW X5M and BMW X6M can run 0 to 70 mph in 4 seconds and a maximum speed of this car is limited to 250 km / h. Although strong, this car is quite eco friendly with a fuel consumption of 11.1 l / 100 km and emissions to 258 g / km.


With the comfort, convenience, luxury, torque is amazing, as well as its capability to plunge off-road, this car is also complement all your needs anywhere. When you have determined the location and know the route to get there, but unfortunately, satellite navigation has not become the standard car in this. To be sure, it is not only you who like a star. This car is worthy immortalized photographers especially when hidden exhaust blowing leaves in the street when shot.



Exterior and Safety

Variants faster, giving BMW Dynamic Stability Control technology that has been customized for track racing and high-speed, self-leveling air suspension with electronic adjustable dampers that can lower the ride height automatically at high speeds. So do not be surprised if this car looks slightly lower compared to the standard variant. On the exterior, we’ll get a model new wider bumper, rear with 4 exhaust, typical M grille, side mirrors with wings and special paint colors consisting of colors Beach Blue Metallic and Grey Metallic. Interested? This car is priced at 90 170 and 93 070 pounds sterling for X5M for X6M in the UK and went on sale in April 2015.