High Specifications of 2017 Accent


Hyundai Accent sedan is a Korean manufacturer of production targeting the lower class sedan segment (subcompact sedan). The launch in 1995 by way of rebranding using the naming Bimantara Chakra as a national car was held by PT. National Car imagery. Introduced at the same time with its sister, Hyundai was in a higher level, precisely in the compact sedan segment. This chakra rebranding does not last long. When the facelift was done in case in 1998, it changed the name of this car became Accent. Since it was first introduced, Chakras become a rival to the Timor S515 / KIA Sephia, Toyota Soluna and Honda City EXI. After experiencing a period facelift, Chakra that is now changing its name to Hyundai Accent gets Extra rival the Honda City Type-Z and Suzuki Baleno Facelift. Sales were discontinued in 2001 and replaced by a Hyundai Accent Verna. Some units are still produced until 2006 specifically for taxis, and the name used is the Hyundai Excel, instead of Accent. Rival of Excel are Toyota Vios Limo. Now, there will be 2017 Accent.

Engine and Performance

The energy released by 2017 Accent is relatively small, but it is redeemed by a very light weight so that handling becomes agile with economical fuel consumption. Engine specifications are offered almost resembles a sedan like the Lancer Mitsubishi Lancer 3 and 4 with a higher compression ratio. Impact, symptoms often occur when the car is taking a regular premium. Machines used in the form of the bonnet behind Chakra Alpha II petrol engine capacity of 1.5 liter (1.500cc) inline 4-cylinder and rely on a single camshaft (SOHC) to operate three valves on each cylinder with the fuel supply system in the form of Electronic Control Fuel Injection (ECFI).


Model the wheel just like other subcompact sedan, the two spoke. However it is better because the design is not too stiff. For features brought, both Chakras and 2017 Accent have been equipped with a series of complete features in the era, ranging from the power steering, power windows, central locking, electric mirrors and electric antennas. Especially for the type of Excel’s many features are trimmed in order to pursue the sale price.


Exterior and Safety

Seen from the outside, the first assessment that can be given is masculine and stylish design. Given the time, it was only the Honda Civic and Mitsubishi Lancer CB that carried a similar design. It is rounded without the slightest impression of old. Until now, many people choose 2017 Accent because of this. Even the few users are students. The difference between them is not much, while still using the name Bimantara, the car carrying the round headlights, but a bit thin with a pointed end.