Honda Fit 2017: Be Ready TO Welcome The Rare City Car


For fans of the Honda, probably because the news will be sickening recently Japanese automaker will produce cars Honda Fit 2017 only 30 units. Of course this news bit confusing because in addition to the good news, but on the other hand is quite a sad news for fans of the Honda. Seeing the enthusiasm of car fans in car Fit, Honda will provide the exclusive on this his favorite car. In Asian markets, especially Southeast Asia, Fit are one of the great barns dollar especially in the Philippines. Therefore in the country launched the Honda Fit 2017 there.

Engine and performance

The engine of this car is pretty simple and matching for those who need light performance and yet remarkable for daily needs. This car comes with 4 cylinder engine that comes with 130 HP and comes with 6-speed manual and automatic transmission. With this simplicity, you don’t need to expect more powers as this car only comes with light engine but yet powerful in certain highway. The performance is pretty smooth as you can get the soft and simple driving experience.


In Indonesia, Honda Fit 2017 is already first circulated only in Indonesia is more complete with accessories that are sold separately while on the Honda Cars Philippines has not provided a clear message about the accessories. If possible, this car will also be produced globally, but the Honda did not dare when it will be realized. Thus, you have to wait it patiently to know the news soon. Sometimes, accidental decision happens in any kind of way especially if there are huge demands of Honda Fit 2017.


Exterior and safety

That is the point of this new car is the exterior that looks more masculine than the previous Fit car. Even fans of the mini SUV said Fit car is not suitable for sporty city car said. Honda had made a breakthrough by issuing this Honda Fit to answer criticism from the experts. Let’s see what changes there are in this car. With a price of less than $ 20,000 USD, it seems arguably inappropriate because there are many changes in the machine. In Fit with type V, the velgs have dimension 17 inches, a new front grille Honda logo and tailgate spoiler. For those of you who like an exclusive thing, this car also comes with an elegant color that Tafeeta Rallye Red and White.

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