Honda Odyssey 2017: One of Best Selling Vehicles


The brand new Honda Odyssey 2017 is the fifth generation of this model which is produced by Honda Company. This model is one of the best selling vehicles in the market of United States because of the features that have been offered. This car also comes with reasonable price that will be good for your budget. Meanwhile, as the new versions have been revealed to the auto car market and because of the fact that the car has been launched in the year of 2010, there are a couple of rumours that have been spread about the redesign of Honda Odyssey 2017. There is no official information about this thing. It means that Honda Company is preparing a lot of exciting features in this car, particularly as the company takes a lot of time in order to build this car. There are a couple of details about the car but many auto journalists expect that it will be changed in the next couple of months.

Honda Odyssey 2017 Release Date and Price

Many auto reviewers expect that this brand new Honda Odyssey 2017 will be launched at the end of the year and will hit the market after that shortly. Like the latest version, this car will bring the similar platform with the Honda Pilot but for this model there is an all-wheel drive model that will sell very well in the country northern part instead of being launched with a front wheel drive minivan. The price of this car will start at $30,000. Meanwhile, the all-wheel drive model will be around $32,000.

Honda Odyssey 2017 Design

Interior is probably the most crucial segment of a minivan that has to be perfect in terms of quality and space. Many auto publishers say that the Honda Odyssey 2017 will come with a couple of driver assistance features that are not available on the upcoming model. Besides that it looks like the vehicle will be providing the same materials and spaces to a couple of cars that are found on the Acura version that will bring the value of the vehicle.

Honda Odyssey 2017 Engine

Honda Odyssey 2017 Engine

The brand new Honda Odyssey 2017 will be powered by 3.50liter V6 engine that will use the same unit as its previous version. This car also offers upgrades with 248 horsepower that the previous model that produces high power. This car also comes with V6 petrol engine that will produce 280 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque.