Honda USA as the Best Brand


Car output Honda USA ranks second as the most popular consumer brands in our country, another case in the United States (US), their achievements even better. More recently, Honda has been named as the most popular manufacturer in the US. As reported by Huntington Honda Cars, according to analysts at IHS Automotive, some very successful Honda vehicles in the past year. Evidently, four Honda vehicles are into the favorite choice of the consumer. The cars were the Honda Accord, Civic, CR-V and Odyssey. Interestingly, it turns out the four cars in the past year also received the same award, where 98 percent of the total vote came from individual buyers. If in total, each of the three models achieved sales of approximately 300 thousand units. Overall, the Honda brand has achieved sales of 1.3 million units in the US.

One of the flagship cars of Honda Motor Company (HMC), Honda Civic, awarded as the best car in 2016 in the North American region. As reported by CNN, the magazine Consumer Reports has made sharp criticism because the car was rated minimal innovation and is not recommended to prospective buyers. However, a year later, the Honda USA remodels the design style. As a result, the influential automotive magazines and buyers make its recommendations were made smitten by him. Only, over the past year, sales are dropped by Toyota Corolla and Hyundai. In response, in 2016, HMC back redesigning the car, among others by using sport seat models. Being a dream car in the hearts of consumers is indeed a great need hard work, in order to create a four-wheeled vehicles or cars in the interest of all people. Nothing else like this car manufacturer Honda brand has also earned the top three in Indonesia in terms of car sales highest or best-selling car in 2016.

Which became the mainstay of Honda USA car while riding on the result for most sales rankings of the Honda in segmentation Low Multi-Purpose Vehicle or LMPV, which is able to be separated into the hands of consumers up to 79 288 units in 2014. There was also a variation of Honda Brio in the second position which contributed sales reached 26 683 units. The highest sales in USA are making record sales of Honda in the past year.

It turned out that the Japanese manufacturer is able to make products from your car in the country of Authorization for all four types of car variant creation of the Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Honda CR-V and Honda Odyssey.