Hyundai Santa Fe Coupe 2017 Reviews, Price and Release date


Hyundai is going to release a new car soon – the Hyundai Santa Fe Coupe for the year 2017. Of course, as per usual, there are going to be some changes and some things also remain unchanged. Well, it’s all great because it gives the chance to people to adapt to the new version of the car. As you all know, adapting needs time and it is quite important. The combination of something familiar plus something new will surely attract people to take a look. In short, redesign will do you good. Without something new, it’s going to be a little boring so, we definitely need something new!

Hyundai Santa Fe Coupe Changes

The changes of the Hyundai Santa Fe Coupe will be made on the wheels, headlights, grille, front and the rear bumpers – all brand new and will definitely give a different style with distinctive traits that will make it different than the previous ones. It probably doesn’t look so “new” – like something you have never see before but, you gotta admit that the tweaks square up in a very nice way. As for the interior area, the center stack is changed and was replayed with 7.0-inch touchscreen display which is the standard feature on the base Santa Fe SE along with the Android Auto phone integration. The followings are also added: the drive-mode selector choices for Sport, Normal settings, and Eco. The things that remained unchanged Is the six-speed automatic transmission and Hyundai Santa Fe Coupe’s 290-hp 3.3-liter V-6.

Hyundai Santa Fe Coupe 2017 Interior

The safety features also got some new features to be added and offered various technologies. Well, safety features protect you and help you avoid accidents after all and it is much needed. There’s a multi-view parking camera and we can see it from the display screen in the center stack, adaptive cruise control, an electronic parking brake, lane-departure warning, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, automatic high beams, adaptive headlights, and an electronic parking brake. They certainly made things easier, especially when dealing with danger. The features are available both on the SE Ultimate and Limited Ultimate (though this package costs around $2100.) The standard safety features are available on all the packages such as the rear cross-traffic alert, backup camera, and blind-spot monitoring.

The changes and modifications Hyundai Santa Fe Coupe underwent certainly made the car even better and even more wonderful.