Incomparable 2017 Ford Escape Se


Overall, the 2017 Ford Escape Se is one SUV that is quite interesting to drive, especially since the unit is quite rare that you’ll be different in the streets. The price of the new Cadillac Escalade output can be said to be in accordance with all the advantages for the use of two-door cars. Car, which was launched by the company is increasingly more special because it is made with a Group platform by designers deftly that can deliver a new concept that could attract the attention of car lovers. Information of specifications here can be used as reference material, but any time the price may change, so you need to update the prices of cars.

Engine and Performance

Though the 2017 Ford Escape Se has a high ground clearance so the same as any other SUV in general, but it has stability so while maneuvering. This is because the use of character sport suspension that is also used on the Cadillac Escalade. Control is also quite easy. When launched at high speeds, the steering wheel is not at all wild. When it came to a less flat, the sports suspension is also quite comfortable, minimal vibration. This broke the argument that all cars with sport suspension character can not provide maximum comfort.


The value of comfort for the occupants of the cabin in 2017 Ford Escape SE is a priority of the most preferred by Nissan. It emanated from the use of jumbo-sized seats. The cabin cooling system quality is above average, and cabin damping system.

Exterior and Safety

Exterior design of this car that is called 2017 Ford Escape SE is basically conceptualized as a combination of a sporty family car that can endure the rough terrain. At first glance, this Ford is able to emit a dynamic impression coupled with futuristic shades incomparable.

2017 Ford Escape

To buy this car, you can prepare money. The high price becomes surplus because it will make exclusive impression to the users. With target upscale consumers, this car is proved to successfully compete with other European car. In our country, this car is quite high, visible from the enthusiasm of the people of our country who are interested in buying this car. Specifications owned sports car is arguably quite high among rivals. We will provide specifications along with the advantages of this car to you as loyal readers. For those of you who want car types of 2017 Ford Escape Se, you can come directly to an authorized dealer to find out information and hopefully the information regarding Cadillac specifications is useful for you.