Interesting Features and Innovations of New Ford Mondeo 2017


New Ford Mondeo 2017 is a city car output of automotive manufacturer Ford. It comes with a refined interior design but still sporty that makes ready to compete with other city car. This Ford offers three types of car to city. If you intend to buy one of these three types of car, let’s see the specifications.

Engine and Performance

Overall, these types of New Ford Mondeo 2017 car uses the engine with the type of DOHC inline 4-cylinder with an engine capacity of 1498 cc. The maximum power that can be generated is equal to 112 ps per 6,300 rpm. Maximum torque generated is 140 nm per 4,400 rpm. It has a fast enough energy for a city car. The third type of car is also using fuel Unleaded Gasoline with a tank capacity of 42.8 liters, the fuel system has also been using EFI that would save fuel usage, making it more economical.


Design at the lowest type of New Ford Mondeo 2017 has been equipped with a reasonably good design and features in its class, with air conditioning, keyless entry, power windows, rear fog lamp, and audio system. The difference is in the type of Trend and Sport is equipped with Bluetooth and voice command that does not exist on the type of Style.



Exterior and Safety

Comparison of type Style, Trend, this New Ford Mondeo 2017 is not yet visible difference, in terms of three dimensions also has the same dimensions in 3,969 mm x 1,978 mm x 1,489 mm. This Ford is a car full of innovations in it. This car offers maximum performance for urban and has a modern exclusive design. From the exterior, this car at first glance to be similar to a car Honda Jazz equally on a level playing hatchback. It is increasingly felt elegant and exclusive by the presence of a stylish sporty front bumper. Headlamp also has narrowed and elongated shapes that make the car look even more arrogant and authoritative way. Moreover, the other terms of the exterior are the front grille of this car is dominated by the trapezoid that will increasingly make the car look elegant and exclusive.

Once we strip away the king hatchback specifications of the manufacturer of the United States. After knowing the specifics, it will be better if you know the price. For those of you who want to have a superior hatchback car, you could prepare its budget in advance. This car itself is a special offering from Ford with a variety of interesting features and innovations in it.

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