Interesting Specifications of 2017 Chevelle


Have specifications that interesting even we think this car is superior compared with the variant car from other country at the same price range. 2017 Chevelle with the best specs can be compared to the Chevrolet Camaro that is superior. For more detail, read the following information.

Engine and Performance

2017 Chevelle is supported by the 6200 cc V8 engine that is capable of providing power of 426 horsepower at 5900 rpm rotation was not great sob. Its brother itself uses engine 3600 cc V6 engine and is capable of producing 304 horsepower at round 5900 rpm. It also has faster acceleration ie 4.7 seconds though the features of interior and exterior of the car is quite common and almost no difference. With amazing acceleration and speed, the car is capable of in lined up on the line of sports cars Ferrari classmates. It has a 6.2 liter V8 engine and using the engine Automatic transmission, 6 Speed manual shift mode combined with very good yield great power, and has an aerodynamic design.


With the exorbitant prices, definitely 2017 Chevelle appears complete with several new technologies that have not possessed by its competitors. The car is equipped with a rear camera that is very helpful for you to park the car. The sensor path is also available so if you are a little out of the street, the car will automatically give info. Using a good GPS also can be combined with LED monitor that can be well controlled. Mandatory safety feature has also been installed on the car such as dual airbags and ABS braking.


Exterior and Safety

We believe 2017 Chevelle is one of the sports car dream of the people here. However, the very fantastic price certainly will restrict their owners. This time it has a very sporty blend of sporty and spunky for us, on the front different from other sports car that is usually highly tapered front, with a front grill that is not too large. Front grille or front part is what makes this car so thick, using a light whose designs are rounded with a plus sign light located on the side of the headlamp, as well as the existing Chevrolet logo at the center of the grill.

With the price at 3 billion, making this car looks like sedan sports sedan worth of fantastic. High price is offset by specification that appears attractive from both a design and engine that we think can be said to be perfect of course, with the price range is already determined.