Jeep Cherokee Sport 2017: A True Off Roader SUV with Very Fuel Efficient Engine


Why do you doubt the quality of every Jeep’s vehicle when they have always been providing high quality for every tastes. So how do you get with the right choice? Jeep Cherokee Sport 2017 is the best choice for you. Although built as an off roader vehicles but the Grand Cherokee Sport is considered as the best choice for a family car. Besides having a comfort and luxurious design, the ability of the new Cherokee Sport was able to defeat its competitors.

If you look behind the engine hood of the Grand Cherokee, you will get several options at once. Base V6 engine up to a turbocharged V8 gasoline. Specify engine choices to find out how much power you need. Starting with the base V6 engine with a capacity of 3.6 liters. The power that can be generated can reach 293 hp and 260 lbs-ft of torque. Through some improvements, the engine is able to push the Jeep Cherokee Sport 2017 for speeding 145 mph. If you are behind the wheel, you can feel the sensation of auto transmission with special technology that can carry up to 8 speed shifting process easily. Fuel consumption achieves 19/24 mpg.


Dimensions of the cabin are expanded to provide comfort to the passengers. They will get extra comfort because Jeep decided to improve technology in the seats. This makes the passenger seat freely adjust their positions. The cabin also features controlling the weather and moisture filter which will make the cabin feel more comfortable. Legs space also expanded so that passengers feel freer. On the dashboard, you saw some advanced features to help you do several jobs at once. Start from Jeep SX Control Center. The feature is displayed on the LCD 7″ which will provide information about the condition of the vehicle up to some important information via internet.

To improve the security of passengers, Jeep Cherokee Sport 2017 include several safety features like anti-collision, Child Safety Rear Door Locks that keep your children to stay safe, Traction Control which keeps the vehicle stays on track, Daytime Running Lights to keep the vehicle when driving in day time.

Upgrades have also been made to the exterior, the Jeep Cherokee Sport 2017 gain strength in body shapes. With more advanced aerodynamic technology, the engineers redesigned the body of Cherokee Sport to be able to drive passing the wind. Chrome accents on the alloy increases the luxury vehicle, 21 “sized alloy makes the new Cherokee appear more muscular and fierce.

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