Kidney Car Donation: The Best Possible Candidates


Is it possible to participate in any kidney car donation although you have never been doing any social work before? Why not? Doing good deeds for others know no limit or time – you are free to do it anytime you want. It may seem a lot when you want to donate a car for the charity you are supporting, but you need to remember that it is actually very small when compared to the great benefits you can expect when your car can be used or sold for helping them out. Which charity should you be supporting of? Where should you turn to? When you want to help others and do all of the good things, there are so many charities that you can choose. Each of them has their own unique programs that allow you to flexibly choose whatever types of social work you want to have. So, what are your choices?

Kidney Car Donation: The Kidney Foundation of Canada

When you want to get rid of your old wreck while being able to help others and enjoying the tax break benefit, giving away your ride may be one of the best ideas you can ever have! Feel free to donate anything you have in any condition. This charity has a flexible operation where they would review each vehicle’s condition. Whether it is sold, recycled, or sold as scrap – they would figure it out later. Besides donating your car, feel free to donate others – such as recreational vehicles or the motorized vehicles. They also accept heavy machineries such as tractors or forklift but be sure to state it during the conversation that you want to donate something. This is one of the kidney car donation charities that would generally accept anything – under the legal regulations and rules,

When you take part in their programs, you will definitely get the receipt to claim your tax break report. And not to mention that you can also enjoy the free towing service where you can let the towing service comes to you, take away the car, give you the receipt as the proof, and deliver it to the charity. You will get the final receipt when your car has been sold or recycled – whatever necessary action will  be done to it. Keep in mind that the donated vehicles will be treated based on the region – so be prepared to have different treatments. When you take part in the kidney car donation program in Quebec, for instance, they only allow the vehicles to be recycled – so, again, it is based on the area where the donation takes place.

The good thing about this charity is that they will likely accept all kinds of vehicles in all kinds of conditions – whether it is broken, rusty, running, damaged, or even wreck or scrapped, they will take it. In most cases, they will accept towable vehicles but in the event that yours is somehow not in a condition for the towing, you can always discuss it with them. If you feel like helping others while getting the tax break and being able to free your property from any broken or damaged ride, this is your chance to do the smart thing.  A word of advice: be really, really thorough about everything. Know the details of the procedures for sure. Understand their terms and condition. If you have completely understood your choices and you want to help others, this is the right time to do so.

Kidney Car Donation: National Kidney Foundation

This is another kidney car donation charity that are focusing on kidney researches and treatment to reduce the numbers of kidney ailments and patients suffering from kidney problems. Never underestimate the kidney problem because it will definitely affect your health and how you perform daily activities. People who have dealt with the issue understand that it is not an easy feat. People whose loved ones have been affected by the problem also understand that the struggle to combat the issue is never enough – and sometimes they lose the battle. So, if you want to do something and you don’t really know where to turn, this is the right time to do so.

When you contact the National Kidney organization, they would be gladly take and accept all kinds of donations. In most cases, they accept the regular vehicles, like trucks or cars, but they also accept any motorized and recreational vehicles too. They accept such thing as boats, RVs, jet skis, and any other items that can generate money. If you have heavy machineries, such as industrial vehicle or farm equipment, they would be glad to accept them too.  This is one kidney car donation charity that accepts all kinds of donation, whether it is still in good condition, running condition, damaged, broken, not running, and such thing alike. If you have an old wreck that has been sitting in your property for quite a while, this is your chance to get rid of it.

And how would you enjoy the tax deduction benefit, anyway? You can claim up to $500 for the tax break but remember that the regulations about the tax deduction (based on the new laws of the IRS) is different from the old ones – and not to mention that the new one is also more complicated. If you can’t afford to hire a tax expert or you simply want to know the details of how much your vehicle is worth, feel free to come to the official website and talk with the representative. Each charity has their own tax expert so you should talk with the expert to really understand the deal.

Keep in mind that the charity always tries their best to maximize the value of your car so both of them and you will enjoy the greatest perk of the donation. There won’t be any hidden agenda or monkey business. All you have to do is simply to contact them, have a word with them, and make up your mind to continue with the donation or not. Taking part in the kidney car donation programs is one noble gesture that you can do to help others, for sure.