KPCC Car Donation: Developing the Quality of News and Publication


Have you ever heard about the KPCC car donation? If you want to support a charity with publication cause as their main concern, this is the right charity to take part in. Keep in mind that supporting the right cause as well as doing good deeds for others can really help your consciousness into a more positive tone. And moreover, you can always enjoy the tax deduction benefit when you donate to the charity.

KPCC Car Donation: About the Charity

The KPCC car donation is based on the KPCC 89.3 FM radio that is located in the southern California. It is a public news station radio that is featuring the NPR news whether in local and region newsroom. The radio has managed to win several awards – try 197 of them – for perfection and excellence in journalism. It means that not only they are professional, they also produce high quality new. The Public Radio Southern California is operating the KPCC FM at Pasadena City College and managing to help the station to climb (and stay at the top) of the ratings with the smart combination of public affairs and news.

A charity that is supporting the public publication may not get the widest or highest attention from social donors. A lot of people may prefer other social causes to support because they may think that entertainment and publication may not be as important as the other causes. But you also need to remember that media plays an important role in today’s world development. Most of the developments happening in the world depend on the news development. How fast and how far the news can travel will determine the success of a business. Accuracy and speed are just several important elements that make the publication worth of attention. That’s why choosing the charity that will support the improvement and development of the publication and news coverage will be important.

Why does it matter to support the KPCC car donation? Well, when you contribute to the charity, you have provided enough resources that allows information development and news improvement. After all, all social organizations are always in need of constant funding to make sure that their programs are well and running. You can donate anything you want – from the unused and unwanted truck to boats. If you want to support a better programming quality while being able to enjoy the tax break and have your old vehicle removed from the property, this is definitely the right time to donate.

KPCC Car Donation: The Basic Purpose

The idea of setting up this charity is to maintain the quality program on air and to make the community stay informed. You may think that your car donation may not be worth anything but you should know that each donation can help the charity to provide creative, informative, and engaging news, designed to inspire others and the community. You probably think that a single vehicle is nothing but you should be sure that you are making a huge difference.

After all, the charity has a certain mission to strengthen and improve cultural – as well as civic – bonds responsible in uniting the communities in Southern California. Through the best and highest information service and quality news, the interactive media and radio are expected to be the major force in the improvement.  The overall goal of the charity is made to explore the issues in the deeper manner while providing ongoing dialogue with newer perspective from the culture and events.

KPCC Car Donation: How to Make the Donation

So, how do you take part in the KPCC car donation program, anyway? Well, you can always manage the online system or the traditional phone call. When you choose the online system, you can always go to the specialized section in the official website and fill in the form. After you are done, you can click Submit or Send so they can review your vehicle. You can also send the information while attaching the photos of the vehicle to the provided email. If you choose the phone call, they are always ready 24/7 to accept your inquiry concerning your donation.

When they have accepted your submission and review the vehicle, they will arrange a pickup schedule. You don’t have to be at home during the pick up but be sure that there is someone else to represent you and to accept the receipt. It is also possible that you and the team from the charity figure out a way to meet in the middle. They are quite flexible and versatile so no need to worry about it.

After the pickup, they will deliver the vehicle to any appointed spot where further checking and treatment can be done. Whether they will need to inspect and check the vehicle, make some repair, or even strip the car for parts, they should do it in a convenient manner. Afterward, they will sell the vehicle in an auction and you will get the receipt after the vehicle has been sold. Mind you, though, that the decision to sell the vehicle isn’t written in stone. It means that your car may be sold or given away – depending on the condition. As you see , it is not hard to take part in KPCC car donation, right?

KPCC Car Donation: Knowing the Details

Before donating, it would be a good idea to understand the procedure and steps of making the donation. Although you have seen how simple and easy it is to make a donation, it never hurts to know the other small details. For instance, find out whether you need to return the license plate to the DMV or not because each regulation in each region is different. In one state, you may have to return the license plate but in other states, you only need to fill in a kind of a release form and all is well.   Find out more about the details of the KPCC car donation and you can be sure to make a successful contribution.