Land Rover Defender 2018: The Good News


It is a good thing that Land Rover is planning some improvements for the new Land Rover Defender 2018. After all, there are some things to love – as well as hate – when we are talking about the Defender. If the company is going to do some changes, it should be a good thing, right?

Improvements and Updates

So, what kind of improvements can you expect from the upcoming Land Rover Defender 2018? Well, for a starter, the new Defender will be coming with new construction from aluminum. This material is expected to lower fuel consumption and weight. It is also expected that they will only use diesel only engines so there won’t be any gas or petrol. If everything goes as planned, this new Defender should be ready at the beginning of 2019.

Development Ideas

What to like about Defender is the capability to tackle offroad rough setting and bumpy roads although it is pretty awful when used in the urban rad. Not to mention that Land Rover wants to maintain the classic boxy look with a touch of modernity which should result in a fashionable and stylish look. If Land Rover is able to pull the job successfully, they should be able to maintain the unique boxy signature with the improved driving enjoyment and also the sturdy construction. What about the new Land Rover Defender 2018? Well, you can expect the Defender to have a better design but accompanied by fuel efficiency, aerodynamic improvement, and wind noise reduction – among other things.

Land Rover Defender 2018 Power

Because the Defender is designed to deal with offroad exploration, some of the important features won’t be removed. Such thing as the Terrain Response, Hill Descent Control, or the All Terrain Progress Control will be improved and made better. Not only Land Rover is able to create a distinct and unique design, it is also producing one of the strongest 4×4 vehicle ever produced.

Besides the improved offroad abilities, the construction and material will be different too. Aluminum is used because it can strengthen the chassis as well as reducing the weight. With V8 diesel 2.0 liter engine, it is expected that this ride will be just stronger than ever – although the concept vehicle was using the petrol V8 supercharged 5.0 liter engine.

All in all, you can seriously expect an improved power, feature, and performance from this Land Rover. And let’s not forget the unique style and shape of this Land Rover Defender 2018.

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