Land Rover Defender : First Generation Of SUV From Land Rover


Land Rover Defender is the latest generation of SUV from Land Rover. This is the first SUV manufactured by Land Rover. 2017 Discovery Sport comes with the model and the price is very competitive when compared to its competitors like the Toyota FJ Cruiser or Jeep Wrangler. The number of competitors in the SUV segment makes Discovery Sport was designed with the maximum in order to maximize performance and appearance. This is not an easy matter for the Land Rover Discovery Sport to offer to the market due to fierce competition in the market. For the interior, 2017 Discovery Sport come and provide maximum comfort and performance. Here are the specifications that you will be interested to see.

Engine and performance

Land Rover Defender comes with using multiple engine options that we can choose according to their respective trim levels ranging from using 3.5L engine that uses gasoline as a fuel, and a 4.5L or 5.0L that use diesel. There are many observers and car enthusiasts who have great hopes on the Land Rover SUV. Latest Discovery Sport is expected to become a model off road vehicles that can be relied upon, as well as a family car that is ready to meet all the needs.


In addition, Discovery Sport also offers a high level of efficiency. Thus, if you are one of car lover who concern about the efficiency between fuel and performance and the engine This car may become the best option for you. In case, you need some improvements, you can only fix and make some modification in that car since this car will be so flexible to be modified. The interior is great too as you will see many additions of the features and you will get more audio control and entertainment features on the dashboard. You will get maximum satisfaction when you have seen this Land Rover Defender. The sporty cabin is also attractive


Exterior and safety

When the model 2017 Discovery Sport with a retro designs shown, not many positive responses get. Yeah, nevertheless optimistic attitude is the thing that must be possessed. With the belief that the trends and fashion is always changing and evolving, Discovery Sport trying to adapt in order to produce a display in accordance with the latest trends. The safety is also upgraded and IIHS claimed that this SUV is beyond high-quality safety. That is why you don’t need to worry about the safety.