Land Rover Discovery 2017 Release date and Specification


Land Rover is included in one of the most advanced SUV in terms of both design and interior. Land Rover design is greatly influenced by a great concept. This year, Land Rover issued its latest product called Land Rover Discovery 2017. Make no mistake, the base car is equipped with super lightweight steel on its own body and it is equipped with an aluminum material mounted on the hood of a car on the roof of the car, the car’s rear door, and also on the wing of the car. So with such completeness, car’s weight can be reduced up to 1,819 kg and compared to the previous series, Discovery is lighter up to 900 kg. It is incredible isn’t it?

Engine and Performance

Like the British car manufacturer, Land Rover Discovery 2017 tries to target the world automotive market in the upper middle class segment. In addition to the family, the Land Rover Discovery is also suitable for adventurous souls with the ability through off-road terrain and bulldozes the flood. Luxury cars are already available on January 2017. It is already equipped with outstanding performance so do not wrong for a long time and the acceleration is not just a matter of seconds that had sped with incredible speed. This car uses high-capacity petrol with turbocharger, both already in the adoption of advanced technology into a system that is sophisticated by all-wheel drive. Type of both gasoline and diesel engines equipped with a choice of using automatic transmission speed and has the manually speed.



In the interior itself, the car is equipped with special 5 + 2 seats to be used for 7 adults. For seats in the second row, you can go forward and rewind the seat up to 160 mm so if you want leaning comfortably and stretched, both legs can retrace your needs, also on the back part, it can be lowered according to your needs. On the dashboard itself, it is equipped with a screen for entertainment purposes. It is already equipped with the gear lever in the style of pop ups and also added a key instrument in the center console so the users of Land Rover Discovery is very easy and convenient. Impressive dashboard design is elegant and clean. It is very comfortable and suitable for families. The design of this car is one of the best one and made of good material selection that makes the Land Rover Discovery 2017 elegant and luxurious.

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