Land Rover Discovery Sport 2017 Release Date and Specifications


Land Rover as the popular car is included in one of the most advanced car in terms of both design and interior that have been set. Land Rover design is greatly influenced by Rover Evoque and Disovery Vision Concept. In 2016, Land Rover issued the latest products and wait for Land Rover Discovery Sport 2017 release date. As such the British car manufacturer, Land Rover Discovery Sport tries targeting the automotive market in our country in the upper middle class segment compared to the other cool cars. Besides for the lovely family, the Land Rover Discovery Sport is also suitable for adventurous souls. It is able to run off-road in terrain and also it can bulldoze the flood.

Exterior and Safety

Making no mistake, the base car is equipped with a super lightweight steel. On its own body is equipped with an aluminum material which is mounted on the roof of the car, on the hood engine car, on the wing of the car, and also on the car’s rear door. With such completeness, the car’s weight can be reduced up to 1,819 kg. It is very incredible to wait for Land Rover Discovery Sport 2017 release date.


In the interior alone, Land Rover Discovery Sport is equipped with a 5 + 2 seat. It is one of the head-up displays that is quite sophisticated. Not only that, there is also a key instrument in the center console so that users Land Rover Discovery Sport is very easy and convenient. Dashboard design is elegant and clean very, comfortable, and suitable for families. The cabin design of Land Rover Discovery Sport 2017 release date is one of the best and made of material selection that makes the Range Rover elegant and luxurious.

Engine and Performance

For the Engine, the acceleration is not just a matter of seconds that had sped with incredible speed. Land Rover Discovery Sport uses 2.2-liter turbo-diesel and 2.0 liter turbocharged petrol. Both engines mentioned above are already in the adoption of advanced technology into a system that is a start-stop engines, propulsion systems sophisticated all-wheel drive, and high-pressure direct injection. Type of both gasoline and diesel engine equipped with a choice of transmission by using a 9-speed automatic and has a 6-speed manual.


Land Rover Discovery Sport 2017 release date is already monitored carefully so that it can perform a drag for the car body can help in a drag that only 0.36 that has been tested in various fields, including in the test in a wind tunnel. Do not forget the high level of safety that is already equipped with an air bag that is ready if something happens while traveling.