Lincoln Navigator 2018: The Expected Changes


What to expect from the new Lincoln Navigator 2018? Considering that the vehicle has been around for quite some time, having the updates and the refreshment may seem like a good idea. It is due that Navigator is up for a change; it needs one, after all. It would be a shame that such a great power and a reliable performance aren’t accompanied by a fresh look or an attractive style.

Pros and Cons

There are a lot of things to like about the new Lincoln Navigator 2018. First of all, it has the promising transmission with good engine. Not to mention that is has a unique and distinctive look with nice interior cabin. There are also the new features including the infotainment and also new technologies and safety features.

However, there are some things to dislike about it. For a starter, this vehicle is still big – when compared to other vehicles within the same segment. Some of the areas are simply odd and not appealing – but you have to look at the big picture, here. For an overall performance and look, this vehicle is pretty okay but will it worth the purchase.

The Similarities with Expedition

The Navigator is often compared to the Expedition because they are often viewed as similar. They have the similar construction profile although Navigator as the dramatic styling. It is a good thing that Lincoln has decided that they are going to refresh their premium SUV line. With the addition of luxury and power, you can expect the Navigator to improve sales and do the best for increasing their sales. And to do so, they have made an impressive change on the entire construction, not only focusing on the interior cabin.

Design and Power

The concept interior cabin had the futuristic feel but it won’t be the same for the real deal. For the new Navigator, the interior cabin will get modular front seat with electric system as well as new dashboard, along with safety features and also automatic triple zone climate control.

The Lincoln Navigator 2018 is running on a V6 twin-turbocharged 3.5 liter engine, delivering 450 hp of power. When it is matched to the rear wheel driving or all four wheel driving system, it is expected to deliver a smooth ride.

The new Navigator is expected to arrive at dealerships by the end of 2017. Up until now, the exact pricing for this Lincoln Navigator 2018 hasn’t been confirmed or released.