The Luxurious Interior of Explorer Van 2017


For most people, including the audio system is not an important consideration in buying a new car. They are okay with the standard audio system which becomes the default package of the car. Conversely, others are quite prioritizing audio system on their favorite cars. Quite often they are willing to disburse funds modifications to tens of millions of rupiah just to get an audio performance that is steady in his car. Car manufacturers will also understand this kind of request. On several occasions, they hold parties that have been proven achievers in the world of audio. Take for example the Audi, which is entrusted to work on the Bang audio system 3D from SUV, Q7.

If the German car manufacturer partnered with the Danish audio specialists, then Ford, who came from the US, chose the Japanese electronics giant, Sony, in order to work on cutting-edge audio systems on the car makes. No half-hearted, Sony deploying proprietary technology line of home audio devices to its brand-new SUV Ford Explorer Van 2017. For fans of the data on paper, this SUV audio system consists of 12 speakers placed in 10 different locations, an 8-inch subwoofer, a number of door woofers and tweeters, and an amplifier unit Class D. When combined, the total output produced reaches 500 watts. But the details of the specifications above are not the main headlines, because this is the first time Sony home audio embed technology into the premium class car cabin. There are two flagship technologies promoted: Live Acoustics and Clear Phase.

As the name implies, Live Acoustics technology utilizes a special algorithm to create the impression that the passenger car was in the middle of the concert hall. In its development, Sony has sent a number of engineers trust to various concert hall in Amsterdam, Berlin and Vienna to study acoustics elements in such places precision. At the same time, Clear Phase technology is in harmony with Live Acoustics. This technology will optimize the distribution of sound inside the cabin of the car, making sounds as if heard from inside the room measuring more magnificent than the cabin of Explorer Van 2017.

Not only that, Clear Phase will also ensure that each instrument or vocal sounds could be heard from different zones. The hope, passenger cars can feel the pleasure of the music that is commonly performed in a live concert. From the traditional aspects of the car itself, this variant Platinum has gained a number of new touching on the exterior and the machine is redone when compared to the standard variant of the Ford Explorer. Explorer Van 2017 will be marketed in this summer, although no details about the price.