Luxury Interior And Max Comfy With Cadillac CTS 2017


Cadillac CTS 2017 is an outstanding car with several advantages that will not make us disappointed when deciding to select it. In addition comes with a luxurious interior and incredible machine terrific, the latest Cadillac CTS also comes with a price that will make us shocked. We will surprise because affordability offered when considering the variety of attractive features possessed. We’re not going to get a car with a panoramic sunroof and LED lights also offered at an affordable price, is not it?!. But Cadillac is able to answer by presenting the latest CTS as a luxury executive sedan.

Engine and performance

Beside it, we will also get the maximum comfort while driving a Cadillac CTS 2017 where the car has a soft suspension so that when we go through rough roads or potholes, we will still feel comfortable. The first option is the engine that comes with 2.9L 4-cylinder, known as Nano. The second engine option is a 3.5L V6 that can generate power of 300 hp. Transmission used is a 6-speed automatic. However, many are hoping that the latest generation of the CTS has been equipped with a new 9-speed gearbox that will be more optimal engine performance.


In addition, the car is also equipped with a maximum isolation so that we will not get the impact of road noise that often distracts us while in the car. Another plus that we can get from the latest CTS is the fact that the car is equipped with rear seats very comfortable. Standard rear seats on the latest 2017 Cadillac CTS have enough space to put the thighs, legs, and head. There is enough space so that will not make us feel uncomfortable feeling when sitting on it or even afraid about another passengers because the space id good and enough for more than 3 passengers.


Exterior, safety and price

The price offered for a Cadillac latest CTS is around $ 66,000. This is a very cheap price and affordable if we compare it with other brands with the same specification that is priced at more than $ 90,000. With that huge price actually you can buy luxury car like Bentley or another lux car. Fortunately, you can reach one of best car in 2017 just by paying less than $70,000. With this price, you will also get high standard safety and the exterior that you can get the valid information from IIHS official site.

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