The magnificent of 2017 Sonata Specs


In the modern era, there are many designs of the cars and also brands. There are many choice of the car. But the most of people often focus only in the interior and exterior. The interior and exterior of the car is very important also. But, do not forget about the quality of engine. When you look the car which is very luxury then you purchase it directly without checking the engine. Engine is needed because without it which your car can not be operated so choose the car accurately and carefully. One of the recommended car in this modern era is 2017 Sonata. Engine, exterior and interior are the best. The components are made of aluminum especially in the front rear. Aluminum component has function to reduce the weight and strength when the car is high speed in the maneuvers. Besides, the new Sonata is supported by soundproofing in the materials. The function of soundproofing is to reduce the noise of the car when you drive.


2017 Sonata can load more passenger than the car. The interior of new sonata is supported by wheel which is steering, the trim which the lever is 2.0T and includes limited. The steering wheel is combined by shifters of paddle, pedals which made of aluminum, and a instrument cluster which is sportier. The seats are made of leather which is still equipped with larger side of bolsters. Besides, the new sonata is motivated by sunshaded in the rear side until the panel of the door. Sunshaded of new sonata has function to block out the sunlight and also adds the privacy so you can avoid the bright of sunlight.


The exterior of 2017 Sonata is available with panoramic of sunroof. The roof can open wide which to view the unobstructed. It is also equipped with Dynamic Bending of Light, front grille which is unique, rocker panels which is in side, side mirror especially the mounted turn of signal indicators, alloy wheels which is 17-inch and exhaust tips which is dual. Besides, there is automatic of switches from high until beam especially in headlights, LED in daytime, and taillights of LED which has function to increase visibility of the sonata car.



The engine of 2017 Sonata has trim levels which are 2.0T with 18 inch of alloy wheels. There are l front brakes which is larger and suspension of sport-tuned. The function is to deliver sportier of ride and improve response of steering. The turbocharged of engine is 1.6 L which can deliver power 7-speed EcoShift  Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) which is automatic. The EPA-is about 36 MPG Highway and 31 MPG.