Major Changes of Exterior Design of Hyundai Azera 2017


Today there are many luxurious cars. One of them is car from Hyundai. Hyundai illustrates new sedan called the Hyundai Azera 2017. The plan, the car will be introduced next month Hyundai. Hyundai Azera is not a new product, the article, the car also named Grandeur has entered the fifth generation while for the new model is a sixth generation. From the leaked given, seen designs All New Hyundai Azera is made futuristic and more luxurious than the current model. Reporting from sources, there are some parts that look to adopt the design of the i30 hatchback Hyundai introduced last month.

Engine and Performance

Despite showing form and overview of the new sedan, but Hyundai did not provide detailed specifications related leaks Hyundai Azera 2017. However, reportedly in the kitchen runway, this car will carry direct-injected four-cylinder engine capacity of 3.3 liter V6. The engine will be mated to a front-wheel drive system. The plan, Hyundai will sell the car in his native country, South Korea. Furthermore, the car is expected to be showcased at the Los Angeles Auto Show and will be exhibited in various countries next.


Dashboard of Hyundai Azera 2017 enables horizontal layered spacious interiors and enhances the perception of space with intuitive controls on each layer. New paint technologies and enriched materials show a high level of expertise that provide a premium experience for the premium segment as well.


Exterior and Safety

Hyundai will launch a new generation of Hyundai Azera 2017 sedan this November to present the major changes to the exterior design. Photo All-new Azera was already circulating ahead of the launch. The sixth generation Azera, according to Hyundai inherits and will lead a new era of design for Hyundai Motor fore. Arguably inheritance because the design was developed based on the previous generation Azera, but to get a touch of glamor and sophistication of the upcoming Hyundai vehicles. The exterior of the all-new Azera is silhouetted elegant and dynamic, streamlined, more slanted headlights and shaped horizontal grille positioned low as visualization center of gravity lower and reflects strong. Rhythm flowing character lines of the front hood more sensual curved to the rear fenders retaining the distinctive rear lights Azera. Body lines of All-new Azera come stronger. To make it appear more muscular, despite promises Hyundai car still present comfort and performance capabilities. The exterior design is made more dramatic by the impressive remains sophisticated, smooth and corrugated panels enhanced with rich colors attract attention.