Make A Wish Donate Car: Taking a Part in Donation for Kids


Wheels for Wishes is basically the part of Make A Wish donate car program focusing on collecting vehicle donations from generous donors. If you have an old vehicle that you may no longer use or need, because not only you already have a new one but also because you don’t really want to spend extra for the repair, you can consider donating it away. What does it take to donate it to the right charity? And how are you sure that Make A Wish would be the right charity for you? Well, there are certainly reasons why this charity can provide everything you need when it comes to choosing the right social foundation and work.

Make A Wish Donate Car: Choosing the Foundation

Among the many types of social foundations and organizations, Make A Wish is able to stand out because of the unique purpose and goal. It is pretty simple, really, to provide a mean for kids to make their dreams come true. Kids with health problems often have limited life span – it is sad to see such little souls have to go away in such a young age. But the foundation understands this and they know how to make these little kids happy. When they are supported and encouraged with the proper ways, and they realize that life can be so beautiful despite of their short years, they will keep their fighting spirits and never give up to the end. Even when they have to leave, they leave with happiness and joy – and with the spirits that never wane out. That’s the idea of the foundation.

You probably think that you have done nothing by donating the ride – often times, the condition is not very perfect and some of them even no running. But you need to know that every single donation means a lot for these children. It keeps their dreams alive. Having each car donation means that the money (no matter how much) will be used to fund the programs – and what’s better than making these children happy? Taking a simple action of joining the Make A Wish donate car program will be enough – because you allow yourself to take part in a social action. And won’t you like it when you can also enjoy the financial benefit of getting a tax deduction perk from such a seemingly simple action?

Make A Wish Donate Car: Easy Process and Hassle-Free Procedure

There are a lot of charities out there – some may be running on the national scale while some are running on a smaller range. Your local community can be a great starting point if you want to do some social work. But then again, if you want to expand the range of your assistance and help, being able to reach more kids on a wider scale, then this Make A Wish donate car program will be the perfect option. The Wheels for Wishes has been included in this charity, determined and dedicated to make the process easy as well as fun to those wanting to participate.

So, how do you manage the donation process, anyway?

  • You can always contact the charity. There are some branches on several states. It would be a good idea if you can make a research whether there is one in your state – or even better, one in your city. When you find out that there is one in your area, find out the contact info.
  • Convey your intention to donate the car. State that you clearly want to donate a vehicle. Whether you are calling them or you use the online form, you will have to provide the detailed information about the vehicle. What year is it? What color is it? How long has it been sitting on the yard? Is it still running? Is it still in a good condition? Is it towable?
  • When you contact the charity through the online form, you only need to fill out the form, send it out, and wait for them to send you email about the notification. They will notify you whether they will accept the ride or reject it. The online system is often considered an ideal way when you don’t want to spend too much time talking on the phone.
  • When they have confirmed their acceptance for your ride, they will manage and arrange a schedule for the pick up. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a dime. The towing service is working together with the Wheels for Wishes, ready to pick up any vehicle for the donation.
  • The charity will hold an auction to sell the ride. Once they have sold your car, they will send you the final receipt as a proof for your tax break claim.

Make A Wish Donate Car: Some of the Most Important Things

Don’t be easily fooled by the so-called social work. Some charities are more interested in enriching themselves and their staffs instead of channeling the money to the needy. If you want to choose the right one – and you want to be sure that the Make A Wish donate car charity is the legit one – here are some of the most important things to remember:

  • Check the status. In order to give the tax break offer, the charity should have the 501 (c)(3) status
  • You should be given a receipt during the pick up. It isn’t the final receipt but it is crucial as a proof that your car has been taken away.
  • Don’t forget to fill in the ownership transfer title on the form. If you keep the space blank, you will still be considered as the rightful owner and be held responsible for any activities done with the vehicle
  • Don’t forget to report to the DMV with the final receipt sent by the charity after they sell it.

The process may be easy but never underestimate the necessary procedures to make your donation legal and legit. Sure, you want to help others through Make A Wish donate car program but it doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice yourself to the extreme extent.

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