What Makes You More Surprised than Civic 2017 with 5 Star Safety Rating?


Sedan is one of the most wanted vehicles. It has short and elegant body. There are many choices of sedan. If you want to have the best sedan, Honda Civic 2017 can be good choice. This car is created with great exterior and interior. According to the report, the hatchback version of sedan will hit showrooms early in 2017. It has been revealed that the new-generation of Civic Type R will also come before the end of upcoming year.

Honda Civic 2017 is 130 mm longer and 30 mm wider than the preceding model. It also has shorter overhangs. The new generation Civic will be sourced out of Thailand. The hatch is created in the UK. The hatchback obtains better fuel economy, aggressive new look, and more interior space with fresh 1.5-litre and 1.0-litre petrol engines. The new models will appear more similar than the existing sedan and hatchback. Almost everything is from the B-pillar. The pillar will be reflected among the sedan and hatch models. The pillar crosses the front and rear doors.

Honda has verified that it will present a level recognized as RS that has the addition of RS badges, integrated body kit + rear spoiler, and sporty alloy wheels + low-profile tyres. This car has sporty look with no full sporting intention. Civic RS model will be the second top model for the standard model range. It will be presented as the flagship version. It is focused as more luxurious variant. The RS model has some items, like: a sunroof, LED front fog-lights, and LED headlights.

Honda Civic 2017 for sale

There will be two choices of the drivetrain, a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder unit 1st-ever turbocharged EarthDreams motor and 1.8-liter naturally-aspirated 4-cylinder petrol engine. The EarthDreams engine is nice with 127kW and 220Nm. This will be presented exclusively with CVT automatic gearbox. The standard model of Honda Civic 2017 will be resented in lower specification. The model may continue on about 110kW of power and 180Nm of torque. It is not sure if a 6-speed manual will be presented. A CVT is expected to be the transmission of option.

We still cannot know the price of the Honda Civic 2017. We should wait the confirmation from the company. But, it can be assumed that the civic model will be pleasingly priced. It will take benefit from the Free Trade Agreement of Australia. At this time, Civic Si is the most reasonable model available. It is around $18,490 + on-road costs.