Mazda Cx-5 2017 Review: Serious Fighter For Juke and Ecosport


Are you a fan of Nissan Juke or Ecosport? If you are, let us know how much you will take this Mazda CX-5 2017. If you ever see the former series of this car, you may consider it as inferior but this year, Mazda seems like having something to show their power especially in mini SUV by telling this CX-5. The simple thing that may become something important for their competitor is the reputation of Mazda as reachable automaker with dependable quality in mid end class. In the last 3 years, Mazda seems having more powerful power in their SkyActive. Here are the details you need to see to consider that this Mazda CX-5 is good.

Engine and performance

Then, the machine may have not been revealed but Mazda has made sure that this car will come with SkyActiv but the key if Mazda wants to meet a success, then this car should be mated to the proper transmission like 6 speed manual transmission as its competitor did and will be more perfect if they come with 8 speed automatic transmission to make it more complete and keep the width of range to take wider car lover. Last but not least, this Mazda Cx5 2017 is worthy to wait.That’s why this car will be still with such engine. As this car is on segment where Nissan Juke and Ford Ecosport play in there, Mazda has made sure that this Mazda Cx5 2017 can be serious threat for the global market.


What do you get from the interior of Mazda CX-5 2017? You will get 7 inches of display with touch screen display for infotainment system. You also can connect your phone to the car with Bluetooth connectivity, USB and aux connection. No need to worry on audio as this car also comes with upgraded bose sound system that can give you sensational audio experience in your car.


Exterior and safety

So how does this car look like actually? You may have known that every segment usually has same or similar look especially in mini SUV. If you have ever seen Nissan Juke, then this CX-5 will be similar but there is actually a difference and here it is. From the design side, this car will adopt KODO design like another hatchback of Mazda2 or MAzda6 Sedan. What makes this car so different from car like Nissan Juke is the grille. The shape and edge are also elegant and impressive seeing the sporty and luxury.