Mazda CX 7 2017 Leaked Photos Available


The sporty compact Mazda CX 7 2017 has been unveiled by some spied photos on the internet recently. These pictures show that the latest version CX 7 which becomes a hot topic for automotive enthusiasts through websites and social media. The leaked photos actually do not say anything about CX 7. However, some experts believe that it is the latest version of CX 7 which will be released in the end of this year or early of 2017 soon. What do you think about the first look of the car? In this post, we will share about our thought and renders of new Mazda CX 7.

Mazda CX 7 2017 Speculations

Mazda Koeru Concept becomes the starting point of the leaked photos of Mazda CX 7 2017. Some people who have some interests in automotive examined and analyzed this concept to some leaked photos which are spreading out now in the air. In the end, they speculate that this red and sophisticated car of Mazda could be the next CX 7. Although some of them also think that it is the new version of CX 4 and CX 7, we prefer to say that as the 2017 CX because of some reasons. The first one is about the similar headlights design which similar with its older brothers, CX 5 and CX 9. The second reason why it is the Mazda CX 7 2017 is located on the bigger wheels that we got on these pictures. We have no idea if we do not know the concept by the way. That is why we still suspect those photos refer to the new CX 7. All evidences can be compared with the designs of CX 5 and CX 9 obviously. For your information, the Koeru concept previews a low-profile crossover just like with what we see on the leaked photos. This concept was revealed through Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015 ago. At a glance, the design is quite similar with other rivals such as Mercedes GLC Coupe and BMW X4.

Mazda CX 7 2017 release date

Mazda CX 7 2017 Conclusion

Overall, the Mazda CX 5 is our reference here to make sure this is the new Mazda CX 7. These leaked photos will give us a new vision about CX 7. For your information, this crossover is expected to be presented at a major motor show soon due the release date of the CX 7. As 2017 model year, this car should be introduced before 2017 obviously. But, it will have some delays regarding to the leaked photos which still show camouflaged version of Mazda CX 7 2017.


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