Meet the New Forester Subaru 2017: Solid Performance


You need vehicle to accompany you in travelling, working, shopping and etc. You do not want to feel hot and sweating in the way. The solution is buying the car. But, you must buy the car based on your taste. Choose the car which economical fuel, durable engine, and beautiful and elegant in exterior although interior. Forester Subaru 2017 is good choice when you need the car which has those specifications. The new forester includes up-to-date car in this era.  This car is available with the wider feature. Besides, it is also motivated by the new and special features. The features are additional noise insulation and quicker steering response. For the safety, the new forester has sophisticated system. The system is Eyesight safety system. Eyesight safety system is equipped with blind spot monitor who adds by the rear cross-traffic alert and also lane departure intervention. Besides, this car has sophisticated security; it is supported by automatic high-beam headlight control. The function is especially to reverse automatic braking and adaptive LED headlights. Forester Subaru 2017 has perfect vehicle which it is compact utility.


Forester Subaru 2017 has many features. Forester is supported by weather security, capability of off-road, crossover capability and car handling. This car is exact choice in all of aspects of the car. One of the aspects is segments. The segment is 2.0XT turbocharged Forester. The interior is in this car which is complete and up-to-date in this era. There are door glasses which the glass is thicker, soundproofing and door seals. The door seal is to reduce the noise because the effect of the wind in the outside. Besides, the wheel of the new forester is heated steering wheel and the specification of the wheel is 2.5i Touring and the specific is 2.0XT Touring models. This car is more complete facilities than the other because it has automatic climate control which can organize the temperature in the inside of car based on the body temperature or based on the climate and also power lift gate. The most of drivers use this car to off-road because it is equipped with hill descent control and X-Mode traction system.


The other benefit of forester subaru 2017 is about the safety. It is equipped with the Active Torque Vectoring system from the WRX to WRX STI. And in this era, it is available top trim version by 250-hp turbocharged and 2.0XT forester. XT type can load 2.0-liter turbocharged four cylinder engine. The function is making sense for this technology. New forester especially Subaru`s version does not include true torque vectoring. But, it is only the priciest Forester especially the touring trim. The touring trim is 2.0XT. The other benefit is motivated by active safety suite which is often called eyesight.

subaru forester 2017 redesign


Forester Subaru 2017 can load 2.5liter especially for flat four remains the base engine, and revisions to the engine and the CVT. This car also can improve the economic fuel by the EPA. The EPA fuel economy rating is about 26/32 mpg.  It can bump 2 mpg in the city and same also in the highway mileage. Besides, the base of new Forester is 2.5i whereas the premium models is 2.5i because of premium model still offer six-speed by manual transmission. The row of new subaru forester which the specific is gearbox pares .the EPA ratings of it is until 22/29 mpg city or highway.