Mercedes CLS 2018: The New Updates


With the company is still developing their new Mercedes CLS 2018 (including having a test drive with all the heavy cloak and camo), you can really expect the new CLS to have all the great features and performance. After all, they are developing and testing the prototype – which is believed already giving out the best outcome and feature. So, what else can you expect from the new ride?


As it was mentioned before, Mercy is at the stage where they are testing their new CLS which should be available for the upcoming release and sale. The CLS was first introduced in 2012 and has gained a pretty positive response so far. It is funny how the CLS is somewhat closer to the E-class type than the S-type and yet the company has decided that they won’t rename it a CLE – they will maintain it as the CLS. After all, the ride seems to be more appropriate with the name CLS, retaining the iconic feel and atmosphere.


Along with the updates that come along with the Mercedes CLS 2018, it seems that there is going to be a cosmetic transformation that pairs the new CLS with some of the elements from the E-Class. As the result, the new CLS will be likely wider and longer than both of the inspirations. After all, it is meant to bridge the differences between the S and E Class so it is only reasonable if there are some intrusive elements that are included in the design. From the spyshots, it seems that the dashboard design will be similar to that from the E-Class.

Engine and Specs

The new Mercedes CLS 2018 is designed based on the MRA platform that is sitting in between the E and C Class so it is highly likely that it will have hybrid ability, as well as the standard auto nine speed transmission as well as the rear wheel driving system – or even the all wheel driving system.

For the engine, it seems that there will different versions of the one designed for European and American market. For the American auto market, it will be using the inline six turbocharged 3.0 liter engine while the one for the European market will be using the V8 turbocharged 4.0 liter engine. No matter what kind of engine arrangement Mercy is planning, you can be sure that the Mercedes CLS 2018 will be the reliable ride that you can count on.

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