Michigan Auto Accident Attorney and Some of the Crucial Elements


So, how do you find a reliable and trusted Michigan auto accident attorney? If you live in the area, you know that there are so many professional, experienced, and skilled lawyers specializing in the personal injury and auto accidents out there. It is up to you to choose whether you want to choose the one specializing in the general personal injury subject or narrowing it down to the auto accidents only. There is a basic difference between the two although they are both focusing on the injuries, loss, and damages.

Beginning the Search

There are always different ways on how to find the reliable and trustworthy Michigan auto accident attorney in the area. Feel free to choose the manual and traditional method or the online one – the latter one is definitely more effective and efficient, not to mention that it is also faster.

Once you hit the internet, you will be presented with lists of reliable and professional lawyer’s service – some of them may be working in the legal firms while some are working independently. If you choose the one with a firm, they usually have more than one candidate lawyer so you can choose the one you like. These firms generally have their own listings of lawyers with their expertise subjects – lawyers for auto accident, lawyers for criminal cases, and such thing alike. Once you see the listings, you can focus on the Michigan auto accident attorney lists only and read the lawyer’s background, experience, expertise, and such thing alike.

When you choose the independent lawyer, your option may not be too flexible as you are only left with that one particular individual. But having a particular individual can save you a lot of time as you don’t need to view different options and names. And once you have set up the initial meeting with the lawyer, you can determine whether you want to continue hiring that person or not. You can also tell the qualification or whether he or she has the qualification you want. Each of the option has its own strength and flaw – you only need to choose one that fits your requirements and needs.

Understanding Your Rights

As the victim, you are probably wondering about your rights and obligations in regards of the case. Well, that’s the function of the Michigan auto accident attorney, anyway, to provide you with information as well as providing you with assistance and guidance. The lawyers have the commitment to make injured passengers, pedestrians, and drivers understand their basic rights after the crash – and how they can get a direct access to the compensation covering the damages, such as lost wages, medical bills, repair cost, and such thing alike.

It is also crucial to provide detailed attention to the process as well as the detail of the event. You can get the insurance through either the lawsuit (especially when it involves negligent and responsible driver) or through the insurance claim. Be sure to choose a service that provides free case review and also free initial consultation. Although most lawyers will provide this kind of offer, it is not an obligatory phase so not all lawyers may provide this kind of offer.

The Role and Function

Besides giving you insight of the case, the lawyer has the responsibility to launch an investigation. This is designed to help you with the case. A Michigan auto accident attorney can provide a solid legal backup and assistance only if you are truthful and honest about the overall situation. It would be best to be frank about everything because it will make the investigation process go easier. After all, your lawyer has the responsibility to help you with the details of the accident so it would be better to be completely honest about it.

When an accident happen, the insurance company will set up an investigative work right away – to find out what’s wrong and to possibly reduce the number of payments they have to make to the victims. It would be best if both parties can have their own investigation – from the person responsible for the accident and from you as the victim. When you hire a professional lawyer’s service, it is mostly obvious that your lawyer would launch an investigation process.

The major function of the lawyer is to collect the evidence as well as present it to the other parties – the court or the intermediary personnel. Their job is to provide clearer illustration so everyone can see who is at fault and who the victim is. In most cases, it is also possible that the lawyers will also invite specialists or experts to describe the situation. Having the solid evidence and the expert witness can help turning your case in the most favorable manner.  From the investigation and evidence gathering, it is possible to give a layout of the condition – whether the responsible driver doesn’t pay attention to the surrounding, whether he/she is driving under influence or distracted, or whether they are violating the traffic law.

Proving the Claims

If you think that the Michigan auto accident attorney may not be able to provide a full turn up result, the investigation work can reveal some of the important facts while including important reports, data, and numbers from:

  • Police reports (including photographs) and review
  • Witness statements and interviews
  • Video footage, if any
  • Driving records and also history of both parties
  • Medical reports that have experts’ opinion and view
  • Accident scene recreation – which can be done through a special program or manual work (with whiteboards and written records)

Just because you are hiring an accident auto lawyer, it doesn’t mean that you should go to the court of law. It is possible to have an out-of-court settlement with the lawyer by your side. Having a legal expert will only make sure that you know your rights and you know the procedure properly – it doesn’t mean that it should involved legal processing. That’s why you need a professional Michigan auto accident attorney service to help you.