The New 2017 Audi R8 Coupe Books 205 MPH Records


2017 Audi r8 coupe is one type of a wide range of sport sedans desired and many people dream about. The car that has pace and high energy runway on the road is always proud of and everybody want to drive it when having it. There are many variants of this type of sedan that a manufacturer of car audio is still proud to always remove it. Although fuel is wasteful, still many people who have always wanted to wear it even if not only used for everyday activities. Well, expecially for you if you want to know the latest specifications and prices of this Audi, you can see a continuation of the following article.

Engine and Performance

Specifications owned by 2017 Audi r8 coupe is very nice, especially section existing in machines. Audi car has an engine with 4163 cc ability to reach speeds in the 430 ps power at speeds up to 7900 rpm spins. Even on the type of the other variants, there is still a sedan Audi until V10 engine that uses the engine speed reaches 525 ps. And one of the advantages possessed by the engine in sedan Audi r8 is the power of the engine accelerates almost to perfection. For transmission, the Audi r8 has 7 levels of speed, the interior design is made elegant and comfortable, the cooling systems of different types, and has a softness of the suspension section.


Knowing the engine that leads good performance, of course the interior is very good also. For this reason Audi r8 sedan cars are very capable and have the agile power when driven on the highway. For this reason, audi r8 cars manufactured by German already are familiar and in great demand by various groups.


Exterior and Safety

The exterior is very nice. This car seems very sporty and nice. Braking system used Audi r8 use ABS braking system which is the best of all types of braking.

Another advantage 2017 Audi R8 Coupe, the car is one of the manufacturers and the owner of the car brand Ducati. Well, for those of you who want to have a sedan audi r8 nimble and sporty speed will power, you can set aside about between 1.3 M and 1.43 M to have it. It can be said to be very expensive for the type of car sedan variant r8, r8 because cars are included in the ranks of the most elegant sporty sedan cars and expensive in the world. Those are discourse and information on the latest price and specification of Audi r8 sedan car made in Germany, hopefully information above can be useful parts of you who read and who will seek it.