New 2017 Dodge Longhorn Review, Price and Specs


One of the world’s leading car brands that are producing cool cars is new 2017 Dodge Longhorn. Many output cars of Dodge spread across the world. Dodge spends a lot of luxury cars. Of the many car production companies from the United States, one of them is the Dodge Longhorn. This car is fairly fancy cars and much in demand also in our country, especially among employers. Dodge has long had a name in our country, but for this new series is launched around 2017 and then, so it is still relatively new in our country.

Engine and Performance

In the engine, the New 2017 Dodge Longhorn is equipped with engine capacity of 2.4 liter 4-cylinder DOHC WT, where this type of machine can save fuel, and also with a 6 speed in acceleration. Acceleration of this Dodge Longhorn is recorded 14.1 seconds to reach 100 km per hour (according to the authors, including less to the size of the city car) even now many people of our country hatchback has the acceleration 9 seconds to 12 seconds. Dodge Longhorn is existing transmission system that uses manual transmission but there are automatic. The system that uses manual transmission has six speeds. This car is the lowest variance of Dodge Longhorn.


Many classy features of new 2017 Dodge Longhorn are your companion when having a car of Dodge Longhorn. If talking features, the most interesting part of Dodge is unconnected its features that can be pairing with a Bluetooth device and this feature also can be connected with up to 7 mobile phones and smartphones. In terms of interior, there is a luxurious impression therein. It is very proportional to zoom outer leaves an impression strong and steady. Suitable for those of you who like adventure or can also be used to invite family walks to the desired spot.


Exterior and Safety

Viewed from the outside, New 2017 Dodge Longhorn is memorable elegant, stable, and resilient. It is undeniable that the Dodge is a top-class car. It is given the price is pretty high. However, of course the high price it according to the specifications on offer ranging from the exterior or the outside, to the interior or inside. The specifications are according to the price of cars dodge this journey. In terms of security, each passenger can get water rations bag each. Since there are nine air bags. In addition, there is also the ABS braking system Brake Assist.

In production, the New 2017 Dodge Longhorn is made into several types or variants, namely the SXT, Luxury, FLC, and Platinum. Dodge Longhorn car prices have varied depending on the type of the type Dodge.