The New Coming GTI 2017 Specifications


Cars are not separates in human life. In globalization era, cars are needed in everywhere. It can be called the kind of requirement. Car is important vehicle in our life. The car can help us in do every activity. Besides, the car of course has mean as luxury symbol. But in this era, Car has meant not only about luxury but also about freshness and life style. Cars have various types, model and certain excellent appearance and performance. One of the favorites car in this globalization era is GTI 2017. The new Gti is appropriate as family car because it is supported by two-door and the specific is four door for body styles and trim levels that are multiple. This car can be categorized sport trim in this level. The performance is standard for the package. It is equipped with the sense of torque, the nogaro alloy wheels which made from aluminum and the size is 18 inch, daytime running lights for the LED, the unique floor mats and etc.


There are many features of GTI 2017. The features include Collision Warning in the Forward and Emergency Braking which is Autonomous, Blind Spot Monitor which the specific is Rear Traffic Alert, Cruise Control which is Adaptive and the headlamps Bi-Xenon with LED DRLs type. This new Gti is also equipped with Assistance Package to the driver. Besides, there is Steering Assistant for Parking, Departure Warning in the Lane and Assist high-beam control to the Light. High beams is above 40 mph. Besides, the other benefit is equipped with Euro-spec Passat. It is the option of the trim level. GTI include the standard in the technology. It has touch screen feature which the size is 9,2 inch.



The engine is supported by the horsepower. The horsepower is 395-horsepower by 400 concepts. The dial of GTI 2017 is up to 11 and also it wears R420 of moniker. The function of it is expected at least 420 ponies. The new GTI use the steroid version which is injected and the type is R420. It can load about 2.0-liter turbo four. The R420 is motivated by six speeds which includes the automatic transmission of dual-clutch. It is controlled by the paddles of shift and the evolution of the wheel system in driving. The engine of this car gets to redesign suspension system which is to keep the power. GTI 2017 will be released in the first time in April at the Beijing.