New Cool 2017 Jeep Cherokee You Never Wait Patiently


If you are the person that lover sporty car, Jeep is the coolest manufacturer that never fail to satisfy their fans. We have known the good names of Jeep and how they always manufacture the good and awesome cars with good features. If you ever wonder why Jeep never fails to be trending, we could see the magnificent marketing they have done to all Jeep cars especially 2017 Jeep Cheroke. Who does not know this Cheroke? Who are not familiar with Jeep? As we have known that previous Jeep Cheroke has gained success with big number of sales, Jeep decides to manfacture new version of Jeep Cheroke. Of course releasing the new Cherokee depends on the feedback by customer that wants to see the better styling, new engine and suspension perhaps some revisions on look. The final release has come as the update is just in suspension and styling.

Engine and Performance

Our prediction is pretty clear that there is no major changes in engine. The reason is simple, Jeep think that new engine of Cherookee is not needed. The last version is cool enough with 2.4 L, 4 cylinder to get 184 horsepower and 171 torque. For family cars or private car, this is more than enough. Another version of Cherookee also will come with the higher engine. There will be 3.2 L to get 271 hp and 239 torque and it is as bigger as Outlander engine. In another news, some people think that there will be addition on engine power to gain 300 horsepower. The common style is still front-wheel drive and the optional version is till all wheel drive. Overall, this is interesting to keep stalking the Jeep Cherokee news.


The interior is common as the rumour tells that there’s only five seats available for new version but seeing the rumour of engine, the seat has to be bigger than the last version. The interior must be roomy and more spacious. If you are asking whether you have to wait the new 2017 or not, ask yourself. Many SUV cars give the gambling guess and clues in cabin or seater. That is why to get more about interior news, wait the 2017 Jeep Cherookee.

2017 Jeep Cherokee for sale

Exterior and Safety

The exterior is a bit same but there is new trim and new body look on Jeep Cherokee if you are concerned on the details. The exterior is cool with new tire style and the finish will be firmer than previous version. If you want to get the new version of 2017 Jeep Cherokee, prepare $25.000 or more.