New Honda CRV 2018: The Improved Performance


The compact new Honda CRV 2018 will undergo some of the changes and those updates have been considered the good ones. In fact, the changes are quite new since the last updates happening in 2012. Some of the updates are about the addition of 4 cylinder turbocharged engine, a bigger body and construction, and also the new safety features. If you choose the one with 18 inches wheels, there will be two different color options with sport trim theme.

New CRV 2018: The Worthy Waiting

If you are expecting for the new Honda CRV 2018, there will be a completely different structure and design. The wheelbase is longer than before than the overall construction will be taller, wider, and longer. These enlarged designs will improve the space in the cabin, improving the headroom and the legroom. It also improves the cargo space. Not to mention that the new design and styles will be not only more stylish but also more aggressive. And the four cylinder engine will be available with front wheel driving or all wheel driving system.

The new Honda CRV 2018 may not be completely different from the last 2017 model but there are definitely some improvements on the new models. The new model will be coming with highlighted scales and sharpened contours which are visible through the lights, the grille, muscular muscles on the side, and rear spoiler designs. The upcoming generation CRV may be sharing similar design as the new Civic but there is something better to expect, really.

New CRV 2018 Engine

For the new Honda CRV 2018, the four cylinder 2.4 liter engine will be used, powerful enough to produce 184 hp of power. The performance is decent enough but you can’t really expect it to be close to the race car performance. Besides this option, there is also another option of four cylinder turbocharged 1.5 liter, delivering 190 hp of power. Both of the engines are paired with the CVT transmission with either front or all wheel driving system. Honda makes sure that the new model will be easier to control and maneuver with an improved comfort too.

The EPA rating will be likely similar to the previous model. The car should have 28 mpg for the city and 34 mpg for the highway which is quite impressive and nice – not to mention that the combined mpg will be set around 30 mpg. The new Honda CRV 2018 isn’t bad, after all, is it?