New Proton Preve 2017: Things You Should Know About This Majestic Car


You may undervalue a vehicle when they came from Malaysia. But when we show what New Preve 2017 give you, then you will soon change your mind.

Turbo Engine

New Preve 2017 is equipped with a 1600 cc Turbo engine CamPro called by the name of CFE (Charged Fuel Efficiency) that is capable of removing the power up to 138 Ps. Power base CamPro 1600 cc engine that can be fueled only 110 ps to 18 ps thanks to the turbo intake amounted to 0.75 bar (75 kPa; 10.9 psi) at 5,000 rpm and torque of 205 Nm. Arguably the Proton Preve engine is the most powerful engine in its class.

Protonic CVT Automatic Transmission

Just like Honda City, which has a CVT automatic transmission, the difference in the Proton Preve, this car has a dual mode virtual gearshift via paddle shift levers located behind the steering wheel and automatic transmission. Protonic CVT gearshift also gives a smoother and more efficient than the car class. Although subtle, the matter of performance is unquestionable because Proton Preve is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 9.6 seconds.

Automatic Sensor

New Preve 2017 is equipped with automatic sensors such as rain sensor and light sensor to turn on the wipers and lights automatically when the road was dark and raining. Rain sensor can also control the speed of the wipers if heavy rain or drizzle in accordance with acceptable water flow sensor, advanced not?

Active Safety Feature

Proton Preve has been equipped with ESC (Electronic Stability Control) that is capable of providing full stability in all fields including wet terrain though, to complement the active safety features, Proton Preve are also equipped with braking with ABS and EBD.

Passive Safety Feature

If an accident occurs, do not worry because Proton Preve is equipped with Reinforced Safety Structure (RESS), which makes the car body more powerful when the collision occurred. Proton Preve also has 4 airbags consisting of two side airbags and two front airbags. In the ANCAP crash test, Proton Preve get a value of 5 stars (best).

Proton Ride and Handling

In collaboration with Lotus Engineering, a manufacturer of racing cars of the British Lotus, Proton Preve in the claims has a performance suspension sharpest class like a sports car. Moreover, with the use of multilink suspension at the rear which is generally at a regular sedan using a torsion beam.

Advance Head Unit Technology

New Preve 2017 is equipped with advanced head unit capable of playing DVD, USB, iPod and SD card as the storage medium of music. For those of you who are afraid of getting lost on the way, the car is also equipped with GPS navigation system more sophisticated with touchscreen technology.