Newest Information of Mercedes Benz E Class 2017 Release


As already predicted in previous articles, this article became advocates of some news about Mercedes Benz E Class 2017 Release line up ahead. A road map of Mercedes Benz in 2017 indicates that it will soon be releasing some new lineup. Not just replace the generation, even the addition of Mercedes-Benz line-up. Because now they step on second quarter 2016, the road map when viewed from the end of 2016, the existing Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate 2017 is recently released. After that followed with Vito for the Chinese market as well as the Smart ForTwo EV is expected to become the backbone of the new Daimler sales today.

Stepping to 2017, the one thing that is interesting is the presence of Mercedes Benz E Class 2017 Release to fill the CUV segment. Yup, CUV could be considered a new segment that is loved by BMW as its trendsetter for consumers. Mercedes-Benz has been happy to give competitors a commensurate namely GLC GLE Coupe and Coupe. However, Mercedes-Benz will open a new class with the release of GLA Coupe interior and the engine is identical to the regular GLA. Let’s look at the medium class sedan that is inhabited by the E-Class sedan and then after there is real, they’ll enliven back with 2-door coupe version and an E-Class Estate All Terrain. Probably the last reader somewhat confused by this variant yet easy enough to identify it. In short, this is the E-Class Estate injected with a lot of testosterone, the higher, the water-filled suspension and body molding. Rival being targeted is the Audi A6 All-road. There is also the E-Class and CLS Convertible with a new face.


Mercedes E Class 2017

Switch to line up Mercedes Benz E Class 2017 Release. They also poured some of the products prepared in 2017. It is still struggling with the AMG GT. Of course Mercedes AMG GT R will be the long-awaited, after which there will be a GT AMG C Coupe and AMG GT Roadster C. For the last two things is still a mystery as to what her figure, suppose that the AMG GT C is a facelift version of AMG GT now. Additionally in 2017, Mercedes-Benz is also preparing a version of the double cabin based Nissan Navara and allegedly using the name of GLT. In addition to the Smart small division, they will soon be poured version of the electric machine to line up others like the Smart EV. In addition, Mercedes-Benz is also picking up momentum in 2017 to renew the S-Class that started aging with a facelift and some updating technology from Mercedes Benz E Class 2017 Release.