Nissan GTR 2018: The New Impressive Power


Not everyone can wait for the new release and update of the Nissan GTR 2018. From the rendered image, you will see the futuristic version of the ride. And as if it weren’t enough, the car will be coming with the combination of electric motor and V6 twin turbo engine that is said to deliver 700 hp of power. Will they be able to deliver the promised outcome?


The new GTR is said to cost higher than the previous $80,000 price tag because of all the new technologies included in the vehicle. But Nissan has confirmed that they are going to use the hybrid technology for this upcoming Nissan GTR 2018 with the promised claim that the output will be 700 hp of power. This is no longer a regular vehicle, but a race car with an improved power and also design – mostly with the new construction that can really do serious updates for the performance.

Overall Design

No exact or detailed information has been provided about the release of this car. However, from the many rendered images available on the net, you should be able to see some of the futuristic insight and also race car construction. It would be great if the company can combine them both. But then again, further plans are needed to determine which outcome and what  kind of result Nissan expect from this ride.


After the confirmation of the hybrid system, it seems that the new Nissan GTR 2018 will be coming with V6 gas twin turbo engine with 3.0 liter capacity that is matched with the electric motor. With pneumatic carbon clutch and paddle shifters and sequential give speed transmission, the performance is definitely updated to the highest level. Not to mention that t will be coming with the all wheel driving system and front engine layout despite the mid engine plan before.

Release Date and Price

Considering that this is the type of vehicle that everyone has been waiting for, it would be a good idea to consider the combination of features, performance, and also price. The Gold Edition of last year’s GTR cost around $102,000 while the Black Edition cost around $111,000. But the most powerful one was the GTR Nismo 2015 that was able to reach 60 mph within 2.7 seconds and reaching top speed of 193 mph.  What do you think of the new Nissan GTR 2018?