No Car Can Beat the New Cadillac Srx 2017, Feel the Difference!


There are a lot of cars in this modern era. A lot of persons buy the car that they want. And one of popular car especially for a family is Cadillac car.  The new production of Cadillac car is Cadillac Srx 2017. This car will be produced in the beginning of 2016, the news stated that it will be done in United States and China. Cadillac SRX will be designed in two crossovers of model range. Cadillac SRX 2017 is on the upline as greatest innovative crossover which Cadillac did to complete its weapon in 2017 campaign market. We spotted this car on Dubai with camouflage, but a month after we can hit it on Dallas Autoshow without any cover.

2017 Cadillac SRX is often called Cadillac XT5. This Car gives more impressive design since its price is also higher than the previous generation. These happen due to its chromium material which is used for decorating xterior, the long, larger grille with cool look, strong bumpers and head lights which gives us different feels than CTS sedans.


Cadillac SRX 2017 has many advantages. It is equipped with crossover flaunts high-quality materials, 4-spiked steering wheel and modern good looking dashboard. Besides it is available by cue multimedia system with a large screen and touch-sensitive buttons on the center console. You can say that SRX/XT5 interior feels very comfortable as an crossover, gives you more space for stretching, comes with more glamour, luxurious, elegant compared with predecessor, Cadillac also concern more on its security system development to ensure your safety.

Cadillac Srx 2017 Release date

Specification and Engine

SRX 2017 is built based on a new modular chassis C1XX. It is considered as the best basis for crossover car because it can decrease the vehicle weight up to 60 Ibs, you can compare it with SRX. The front-wheel-drive version will be around 900 Ibs, still very lightweight and the AWD version will be around 1000 Ibs kg. The car gives you one engine option only with 3.6-liter V6 engine which can produce 310 HP and 366 Ibs-ft of torque. It has special features for deactivating two cylinders. The buyers can choose front-or all-wheel drive. It axles may get rerolled up to 100 percents thrust due to very crowded traffic, it will be supported by electronic device.  Electronic controller for rear side is developed for making driver satisfied. But you choose to purchase this car in Chinese. Chinese market sells Cadillac SRX 2017 which will be offered with 2-liter “turbo-four”. Its exact power remains unclear, but maybe it will have 270 HP. These two engines are completed with new 8-band automatic device for control switch. Electronic control switch has function to decrease noise and vibration.