Do Not Miss the Jeep Wrangler 2017 Release Date


Trends pickup for the next few years seems to be a lot of attention of automotive manufacturers. One of them certainly will enliven the Jeep variants of the pickup in the global automotive market. After some time ago showed a teaser image for a new pickup truck, recently FCA boss Sergio confirms Jeep Wrangler 2017 Release Date will be officially rolled at the end of 2017 with reservations made in 2018. The model pickups offered is very similar to the Jeep Wrangler. Recognized by their newest pickup is using the platform of the Wrangler modified in the sector behind it. In fact, the design is carried acknowledged not doing a lot of drastic changes. This is so that does not change the identity of the SUV that has been widely known in the Wrangler. Although the appearance of the characters Wrangler is still quite strong in the latest Jeep pickup models, some development was certainly made to maximize the deficiencies contained in Wrangler SUV models. Earlier, in 2015, Jeep has introduced a pickup version of the Wrangler through a concept vehicle named Gladiator. Now the concept car is approaching production and will be sold to the global automotive market. Unfortunately, Jeep has not confirmed details on the latest product, both in price and specifications will be carried Jeep Wrangler pickup.

Engine and Performance

Jeep wrangler 2017 release date is equipped with a petrol engine capacity of 2985 cc engine or 3000 cc, jeep wrangler engine capacity is actually smaller than the previous generation wrangler with a capacity of 3600 cc. The decline in the volume of this machine is claimed to get more efficient fuel consumption. Wrangler uses 6 cylinders with a number of valves 24 pieces.


In the interior of Jeep wrangler 2017 release date, it is not lost with the outer began a series of features embedded systems for beverage storage, storage for outdoor equipment, AC iconic, entertainment systems, etc. Once inside the cabin of this car is the large panels of control on the part of the dashboard of the car, there is a hole AC-shaped bubble in the middle of the dashboard which seems challenging to use, the system of entertainment in the form of touch screen monitors to operate some of the features of the car until connected by telephone (smartphone) so that it can function as GPS and others.



For the car’s exterior, Jeep wrangler 2017 release date is made very strong with a plate or body thick so that when trampled will not dent, in contrast with the body of the cars made in Japan. In addition to excellent material made by car manufacturers from the United States is also uniquely designed / classic to maintain classic dent on the parts front to back. Although the classic design but features sophisticated car began to air conditioning, safety systems to the entertainment system.