Off-Road 4×4 Land Rover Defender for Driving on Land


Since it was first established that in 1948 the company from the UK has made some kinds of cars, unique car has been officially owned companies from India which is planning a car. In 2017 Land Rover Defender will reveal the most expensive car in the history of the land rover, even disclosed that the manufacturer is going to sell land rover fourth generation with a price of about 2.5 billion, a feature that is rumored to be brought this car include cabin design with super lux as if back to the British royal past, the dimensions are brought reaches 5,200 mm this will make my friend assured yum with super spacious cabin with stylish and comfortable executive class seats.

In the history of the land rover also has a top-selling car that is class Land Rover Defender who has the best sales, not only in the UK land rover defender also sell well around the world, the price is still affordable would be the main reason the car is selling well, in addition to strong this car also equipped with several security features or the passenger’s safety is classified as very complete. Although it is expensive, you are not burdened with taxes because the car is available in dealerships of major cities.

Cars Land Rover Defender has the advantage of being very difficult in compete, the ability capable of crashing the fields of weight especially with drive system 4 wd Full-time, in addition to the land rover Defender is also equipped with a locking differential mechanically which will add more traction on slippery terrain and off road, in some countries, this car has many variants and many people modify a better course with a design that they prefer.

Super expensive prices of Land Rover Defender of course will greatly restrict the owner because it is very fantastic. The most cost series is priced at 2.2 billion. With an expensive price will certainly make this car has many advanced features and modern. Performing with modern SUV car model, the car is equipped with a cabin that is spacious and has lots of panels although it has a great design this car also has a sporty design. Similarly, the design of cars has the cool form. This car also comes with dashing very suitable for you who like adventure and drove in the fields of heavy, but it certainly would be a pity drove to dirt. Land rover itself equips series with an incredible machine tough V8 is already known to have the ability super good for steep terrain. The machine mode is also designed to be ready on the condition of the streets that have an uneven texture.