The Overview Proton New Car 2017


Security settings to improve more safety in Proton New Car 2017 have been equipped with a suspension system of type MacPherson Strut suspension on the front and rear suspension uses a type Multi Link with Stabilizer Bar. Both types are considered highly enough suspension to give stability to this car, so you will feel very comfortable to drive cars made by manufacturers named Proton. While in any part of the braking, it has been equipped with a type of Vent Disc 15″ at the front and back Solid Disc braking part 15″, the braking is very capable to stop the rate of this motor. Driving comfort in the luxurious interior is more so with the new meter cluster design. For all types of Proton Preve is equipped audio buttons on the steering wheel and sequential paddle shift. New Audio System 8 “audio w / water gesture is also equipped.

V6 engine is ready to optimize the performance of the Proton New Car 2017 in producing a powerful performance with maximum output of 230 horsepower. The machine optimally is capable of producing 284 Nm of torque, so the car was able to run through all types of terrain with ease. Then to the transmission system, it uses automatic transmission system with five levels of acceleration. Additionally, Jeep also provide a system of 4 × 4 wheel drive (4WD) that maximize the performance of this car as it passes through steep terrain.

Equipped Double DIN integrated, AC with Climate Control, tilt steering and MID and the brakes come with ABS and EBD, this Proton New Car 2017 is becoming the dream car. The most fatal deficiency is that he only provided five-seats, unlike its competitors. But the 5-seater designed by Proton unusual, they apply smart technology System. This technology facilitates the distribution portion of the rear seats.  The navigation system is able to display a map of the entire region in our country, and even the appearance was shaped three-dimensional or 3 D. The advanced features are screen monitor, a feature that is equally sophisticated with the first. The presence of rear parking camera and sensors all around make ease when parking the vehicle, shark fin-shaped radio antenna (shark fin antenna), and mount LED stop lamp whose position is high enough to be clearly visible to motorists behind. Therefore, do not be left behind. With all of these features, this car is suitable for you who want to get beneficial car with affordable prices.