Perdana V6 2017 Does not Rebadge Accord Anymore


The Proton Perdana V6 2017 may sound strange on your ear. However, this big sedan is very famous especially in Malaysia. The 2017 model year comes with some poster teasers now. Moreover, the automaker does not take the same way with the previous model of Proton Perdana obviously. For your information, they actually rebadged the Honda Accord Eight-generation for the 2017 Perdana’s predecessor. Meanwhile, the 2017 model is started from a scratch now. We have to appreciate the designer engineers of this sedan after all. In this article, we will talk further about the new design of Perdana 2017 based on the teasers that have been spread out.

Perdana V6 2017 Designs

Based on the new designs of Perdana V6 2017, the aerodynamic exterior is the first choice of Proton to develop this sedan. With sloping roof, this car may reduce the headroom for its passengers. On the front, we can see sporty bumper here. As predicted before, the LED headlamps become standard in this new lineup. The grille is likely similar with Proton Preve obviously. Perhaps, this is the trend of modern cars right now. Overall, the taillights are unique than the headlamps. Speaking of the rear segment, the baggage reflector of Perdana is smaller than common sedans that we have seen before. The Proton’s emblem is proudly presented on the chrome under the reflector.

Perdana V6 2017 Under the Hood

The Proton Perdana V6 2017 produces around 177 dk and 222 nM of torque. This engine equals with Honda Accords which has 2.4 L engine under its hood. Thanks to the 5-speed automatic transmission which also offers paddle shift this time. It is very usable if you want to get the same sensation of manual transmissions. The best part is when you know how lightweight this car is. With all burden like engine and its powertrains, this car is just around 1,535 kilograms only while the body is longer and wider than the previous model. Probably, the new chassis has its big role for this sedan.

Perdana V6 2017 exterior

Perdana V6 2017 Conclusion

Overall, this big sedan is on par with other big automakers’ sedan especially with Honda Accord. If you purchased the 2.4 models as your next car now, you will get black and beige interior with wood accent surrounding it. Meanwhile, the 2.0 L engine is offered with full black interior with silver accent. This sedan is already released especially for South East Asia market. Meanwhile, the All-New Perdana will come this year too. We cannot wait this premium sedan coming because the Proton Perdana V6 2017 does not  rebadge any Accord anymore this time.