Perfect Pickup of 2017 GMC Sierra To Welcome 2017


What do you think about having new 2017 GMC Sierra 1500? After getting news about new GMC Sierra, public has been excited to know. If you lovw to have double cabin car, this car is perfect for you. As we see the previous version of this car, there are no major changes but it will be great to see some updrages of this full-size pickup that can make your style of driving more sporty. If you are drooling powerful car with some space of pickup, this Sierra has no doubt can be the best choice for you. The new model comes with more powerful engine and some refinements in interior and exterior. To get more details of this car, let’s dicusss one by one from engine to exterior and safety.

Engine and performance

This full-size pickup has been interesting magnet. This car may be called as powerful pickup that can be great for workhorse for farmers, small business owners and more. Coming with new engine, this car is equipped by 4.3 L V6 that is being able to give 285 h and 305 lbs.ft to 6.2 L V8 that can give 420 hp and 460 ppunds for torque. Does it sound great? Of course it’s really great because it can give you maximum speed for any needs. Moreover, feul economy has been improved wel and it also has EPA rating like 18/24/20 mpg that comes with RWD and 17/22/19 with 4 wheel drive. The performance is pretty smooth and you will not feel that you are driving a pickup since it comes with great engine that can give you comfort.


If you are looking for the news of interior, you will be stuned. Seeing the good interior that the GMC offers for this Sierra, it’s awesome. It comes with full power accessories, 4 inch display, climate control, and cruise control. Does it look great for pick-up dashboard? That will be cool dashboard you ever have for a pickyp. The leather cover of the seats are simply amazing because it can make the car look great. You’ll get 4 to 5 passengers for this full-size pickup.


Exterior and Safety

What you’ll get from the exterior can be so great because it comes with 17 inch wheels, rubber floor covering and chrome bumpers and grills. For a pickup, it’s more than enough. Moreover the safety is made of high technology safety standards. This 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 comes with smorgasboard that becomes the latest technolgy of safety. You need to prepare $37.000 to get this full-size pickup.