Porsche Cayman 2017 Price, Specs and Release date


Competition in the super sports car market in our country is getting better after the Porsche presents the latest variant two-passenger sedan, the Porsche Cayman 2017 and Cayman S. The move follows McLaren and Lamborghini paved in our country and enjoyed the sweetness of super luxury sports car market niche.

Engine and Performance

Porsche Cayman 2017 is equipped with a 2.7 liter six-cylinder engine-powered 275 horsepower (202 kW). The engine accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 5.4 seconds. The maximum speed can penetrate 266 kilometers per hour. While the Porsche Cayman S equipped with a 3.4 liter engine that can generate power of 325 horsepower (239 kW). This car takes 4.7 seconds to be driven in the idle state until the speed reach 78 mph. If you push the gas pedal maximally, the Cayman S can give you massive speed up to 220 mph. Although it already has a six-gear transmission in the standard version, Porsche offers additional options. German manufacturer offers transmission 7-speed Porsche which can be installed in the Cayman or Cayman S.


Porsche also provide packages for Porsche Cayman 2017 with new optional features such as Adaptive Cruise Control that is able to keep a distance with the vehicle in front of it. It also presents Burmester audio system specially developed for the Cayman. Another new feature that you should looke ove the Cayman is the Entry & Drive system without a key.


Some manufacturers as the official marketers of Porsche in our country just release New Cayman models to enter in ranks of sports cars in the country, especially in capital city. What is the price that will be priced in the two-door car? About the price, frankly this unit has just arrived. The cost of distribution that runs and other expenses to make the price cannot be mentioned. Including the price will be heavily influenced by its option. New Porsche Cayman by a number of people assessed as a sports car with much friendly price considering rivals like Lamborghini and Ferrari marketed at a price range of $53,650 – $76,250. Furthermore the selling price of Porsche Cayman 2017 in Europe was the figure of 65,000 euro. If the distribution costs and other costs are added, then the price for Cayman as usual will reach three times that amount, or in the range of USD 2.5 billion. However the price with options certainly makes it rise.