The Power of 2017 Lexus GS 350 Redesign


All New 2017 Lexus GS 350 Redesign is a manufacturer of premium sedan that Toyota luxury division in 2016 has been officially marketed globally. Super-luxury vehicles first sold in 1991 under the name Lexus S140 in the United States and marketed in Europe and Asia in 1993. In Asia, Japan, the car is marketed by Toyota Aristo 3.0 Q. If viewed in terms of luxury, this car is level with super lux sedan Toyota Crown Athlete who became one of the criminal collections of election bribery case again. In addition to the luxury level, the price pegged to bring home the car is also dice with Toyota crown athlete priced at Rp 1.3 Billion (in Indonesia).

Engine and Performance

The power generated by the engine of 4400 cc V8 Twin Turbo enhanced and managed to lift the engine power by 3.6 percent and torque by 10% compared to the previous edition 2017 Lexus GS 350 Redesign. Not only that, we will be surprised by a decrease in carbon emissions by 20% in this new model. The development is quite fantastic because it managed to increase engine power by 20 PS linearly in the engine turns 6,000 to 6,500 rpm.


Second-row passengers of 2017 Lexus GS 350 Redesign can enjoy entertainment through a screen behind the front seat backrest. Not only convenient, but it is also practical. Third row seat folding mechanism can be operated via a button on the inside of the trunk or near the C-pillar a second row seat belts.


Exterior and Safety

The exterior of the car is very elegant. With this car, you will be very cool and amazing.

As with Toyota crown athlete, 2017 Lexus GS 350 Redesign is not officially marketed in our country through its official agent of PT Toyota Astra Motor, probably because of the level of luxury that is too high so that the income earned from the sales are not worth the cost to bring it, anyway All New Toyota Camry assigned to give people comfort level officials and successful entrepreneurs in the country is still able to carry out their duties properly. Therefore if you want to pick this car, certainly you should contact the CBU car importers to bring it. This price is the price of the car when it is sold in Europe and America where the car is still in the form of the standard. The price of this car can still be more expensive depending on the specifications that would be added, because for this car Lexus offers optional packages, particularly for the interior enhancements. While in Europe that much, you can estimate how much it costs if they are marketed in our country?