Prepare to Anticipate 2017 Genesis Coupe


2017 will be the year for sporty car that you never forget if you are a lover of sporty car. If you ever heard of Hyundai Genesis, you might call it as the most affordable mid-size sporty sedan. As affordable and yet powerful name in Hyundai, the new 2017 Genesis Coupe will still be the choice for the mid-class drivers that still want to get the sporty car with affordable price but the features are still great. Indeed, many manufacturers say that there are almost no major changes but when the final release, there are more surprises that even every driver will not able to deny to be so atrracted to the car. What can we get from 2017 Genesis Coupe? Here are the details of changes and upgrades in new generation of Genesis Coupe that will soon come in 2017.

Engine and Performance

Basically, 2017 Genesis Coupe will be equipped by 3.3 L turbocharged engine that can give you great power up to 480 hp with V6. If it’s only a rumour, Hyundai will lose the half of people that have waited the new power of Genesis Coupe. That is why the new engine that will give that powerful power has really to come in 2017. Making the rumour real is good idea for all automanufacturers. If you cannot find Genesis Coupe coming with 2.0 L engine in 2015, you will get it back because the variety of engine is still good for marketing segmentation. The overall performance will be as good as previous one or even better than the last version. Just make sure that you have prepared to anticipate this new generation car from Hyundai Genesis.



There is no major changes in interior, it only comes differently on the cover of seat that comes with classier design. Moreover, you will get more features on dashboard. The interior space is still same as you only drive with 3-4 passengers. The features on dashboard are more various. You will get more navigation including rear camera that will help you to park well in every situation. You’ll also get more connectivity ways for your Apple or Android phone.


The exterior is not really different from the previous version of Genesis Coupe, but the safety is upgraded well. You’ll get more features there like forward-collision, lane departure warnings, cameras for each direction, adaptive control and nine airbags. There are no options on safety features because all Genesis Coupe will come with full safety features. To get this car, you might need to prepare about $68.000.