The Presence of New Dodge Charger 2017 in Our Country


GIG as the sole agent of luxury cars for our country market is reportedly willing to bring in a special figure named New Dodge Charger 2017. Although still a desire but could actually design cars dashing goes to Indonesia if no problems were so mean. And as described by Muhammad Al Abdullah, CEO of GIG that in fact it is very eager to bring in a Dodge Charger to the homeland market, only one obstacle that still collides with limited production in the country of origin, the United States. The main obstacle is that the Dodge Charger is manufactured only wear left alone while the steering wheel as we know Indonesia adopting regulations by using the steering wheel on the right.

Engine and Performance

New Dodge Charger 2017 sedan car design is very elegant with a kitchen equipped with a runway capacity of 5.7 liter which can generate power to 370 hp and torque to 395 lb-ft. There was also a smaller engine with a capacity of only 3.6 liter V6-powered 292 hp with 260 lb-ft of torque as well as the combined eight-speed automatic transmission.


Turning to the cabin space, New Dodge Charger 2017 has a new twist to a very exclusive example. The seat upholstery is made softer and softer. Besides, the room of dashboard is also arranged more luxurious. There are some new ornaments embedded in the center console and also the design of the door panel. There is one new feature that makes this car grow cool. Paddle shifters are optional functions to regulate the transmission shifts electronically. Not quite at that, there are also some very interesting entertainment features such as touch screen size of 5 inches for the standard type and the highest type has a larger screen measuring 8.4 inch with integrated drive navigation. there are also features adaptive cruise function as emergency braking if there are problems as well as many other special features.


Exterior and Safety

Just info that car brand New Dodge Charger 2017 is already quite long existed in our country, but unfortunately not so many models imported and currently there is only one variant that is only the Dodge Journey to offer three types at once, namely SXT as the lowest, and there is also a Luxury for standard variant and the latter is the Dodge Journey Platinum for the highest type. Dodge Journey for seven-passenger SUV is equipped with engine capacity of 2.4 liter and in the homeland priced around USD 498 million to USD 650 million, but still existed off the road so it will be more expensive depending on delivery area respectively.