Preve 2017 as the New Comeback of Proton


The Preve 2017 by Proton is now making its comeback in Chile. If you do not know what kind of car it is, you are in the correct boat right now. Preve is one of the flagship sedans of Proton. The new C-segment sedan is launched in Chile recently. This Malaysian car manufacturer is in collaboration with Andes Motor which is one of the parts of Kaufmann Group in South America. Chile was chosen to be a perfect comeback of Proton in competitive scene. Proton offers three new variants of Preve as 2017 model year in this country. Furthermore, we will talk about the specifications and latest news of this sedan so far.

Preve 2017 Under the Hood

We have said that there are three models of Preve 2017 which are available in Chile now. They are Standard, Executive and Premium models. All models are offered with two different engines under their hood. The Standard and Executive models choose a 1.6 L Campro IAFM+ as their engines. For your information, this engine will produce around 107 horsepower and 150 Nm. This engine is also using 5-speed manual transmission on the road. Meanwhile, the Premium model offers Campro CFE turbocharged engine under its hood. This engine has higher ponies than the other trims which are around 138 horsepower and 206 Nm. Moreover, it is also mated with CVT gearbox.

Preve 2017 Reason to Choose Chile

Related to the distribution of Preve 2017, Andes Motor is in collaboration with Proton here. You need to know that Andes Motor is one of leading companies in Chile which runs in transportation segment such as trucks buses and cars. The new CEO of Proton has better optimistic with this collaboration. He believes that Chile is the best scene for Proton to reentry their comeback in competitive scene. He also adds that the Chilean market ever helped them in 1998 ago. This partnership is full of hopes and dignities for both companies. It is such a good potential for Proton coming in South American’s market scene.

Preve 2017 interior

Preve 2017 Preview

Flash information about Preve is all about complete product which Proton has ever made. This sedan has full features as a luxury sedan. We can get good performance, better styling, comfort interior and good quality. Furthermore, the safety features that are offered are rated around 5 ratings. In the near future, we will see the arrival of Proton Saga and Proton Exora too. As we can predict, Chile is the first country that has to see both models including Preve 2017.

Preve 2017 as the New Comeback of Proton