Preve 2017 New Engine Expectation


The Proton Preve 2017 is expected to hit the dealerships with the development program which is ongoing now. This program is actually prepared for the new series of Proton lineup which will be released around 2020 later. It is the new ranges of engine which contains three- and four-cylinder petrol. There are four options of displacements that we know so far. They start from 1.0 until 1.5 Liter. These ranges can be a good experiment if Proton places them all into new models of Preve next year. For your information, Persona and Perdan have already been launched this year. It should be better for Proton to release the 2017 model Preve too, right?

Preve 2017 Ricardo

The engine of the new Preve 2017 is not any longer developed by Lotus Engineering who had done CAMPRO range. Proton is now helped by the UK-based Ricardo which has many experiences in developing engines since a hundred year ago. This global engineering was found by Sir Harry Ricardo who died in 1974 and his company still continues his efforts to develop new range and kind of engines in this modern era. Of course, this company has ever been in some big projects recently. The CEO of Proton, Dato’ Abdul Harith Abdullah has revealed how many engineers who have been involved in this development and project. He said that there are more than 200 engineers over three years. Moreover, he also sent around 20 engineers to England.

Preve 2017 Started

For your information, this prototype engine of Preve 2017 has been started since early of 2012 ago. It will reach its thirty months in the end of 2017 as the first variant. Meanwhile, the program is expected to be done after 40 months and producing around 6 variants. The Proton’s CEO also works with some global manufacturers. They are coming from some coverage globally such as United States, Europe, China, Korea and Japan.

Preve 2017 Reviews

Preve 2017 Quality Checking

The development of this engine will be on the quality checking phase at the moment. Moreover, he also claims that some prototypes will be tested on the latest model of Preve and Iriz. Furthermore, he also believes that the results are more than they have expected before. For your information, the current engine of the Perdana reaches 180 ps under 1.5 L TGDI engine. We highly predict that this engine will also be applied under some Proton flagship cars too. Thus, we just have to wait some news and improvements that will be announced by this Malaysian automaker. Then, we got to see the Preve 2017 on the dealerships.

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